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Kim Kardashian knows nothing about her own wedding

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Kim Kardashian may be whining about the Paris weather throwing off her spectacular wedding plans, but turns out, it’s just because she has nothing else to talk about since she knows nothing about the ceremony itself. According to TMZ, Kanye has purposely kept her out of most of the details so that he can plan the “surprise of the century”. Oh, brother.

Sources close to Kim tell TMZ … Kanye has cut his bride-to-be out of the wedding planning entirely  … with the goal of unleashing the surprise of the century.  He’s planning almost everything.


— Kim and Kanye will exchange “I do’s” at Versailles
—   Part of the post-wedding celebration will take place at a 16th century fort in Florence
—   The guests have NOT been told specifics about Florence, including where they’re staying Saturday night.
—  The guests don’t even know how they’re getting from Paris to Florence … assuming private jet.
—  There is a big second event in Florence, which Kanye is keeping top secret.

Finally, Kanye is trying to keep Kim off her phone and away from the Internet … good luck with that.

Yeah, clearly he’s failed with the last bit there – all she’s been doing is posting Instagram photos of “[her] girls” walking around Paris/visiting the Eiffel Tower, and doing whatever it is she does. This whole thing is so beyond a joke – it’s not exciting, it’s not wondrous, and I don’t think anyone at all is impressed. Frankly, it’s just exasperating and I think most people just want it to be over already – the public so we can stop hearing about it, and the paparazzi so they can cash in on the photos and move on to the next job.

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  • He won’t tell her anything because he doesn’t trust her to keep her big Kardashian shut about the details. Nice way to start a marriage kids.