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Best, Worst, And WTF of 2014 Billboard Awards Fashion!

billboard awards fashion

The 2014 Billboard Awards happened last night and so now of course it’s time to pick apart what everyone was wearing. I was relieved not to see too many crop tops on the red carpet. Go through all the looks and make your picks for who had the BEST, WORST, and most WTF look of the night! (Hint: lots of WORSTs and WTFs).

Mine are, as always, at the bottom. Let’s begin!



Aaaand we’re off, with Amber Rose gunning for WTF of the night! Hooray! We already have a contender!


Here’s your new Bachelorette, Andi Dorfman. I love how ABC wants to pretend that all of their Bachelor/ettes are totally normal people, yet here they are walking the red carpet at a televised awards show. You’re not fooling anyone, ABC. You’re giving her out on loan to try to drum up more publicity for the show, which is what her life is, a show. Anyway enough with that. I really like her dress. It’s so very 1960’s, especially with the short length. Not as keen on the shoes.



Here’s Calvin Harris in an outfit he could pretty much wear anywhere, but chose to wear it for this. I’m not saying every guy has to wear a suit and tie, but he looks like he’s ready to scope out the Nightmare Before Christmas t-shirts at Hot Topic.


Carrie Underwood wore a bright pop of color which I love, I just hate the color — a sort of highlighter yellow. I love the detail on her gown but not the detailing itself, if that makes sense. Overall I think this is a miss, though she looks stunning. Just not my favorite dress from her.

Charli XCX

Singer Charli XCX rocking the goth look. That dress reminds me of the “dress” Ariel made when she washed up on shore and found an old boat sail.


Cher Lloyd. Not a fan of this flowered purple dress. Too many flower embellishments for me.


Chrissy Tiegen. I’m sorry, I think this is ridiculous, but I like the snakes on her shoes (those are snakes, right?). It looks like she’s wearing a very fancy sandwich board.


Nick Young with Iggy Azalea. His jacket is way too 1990s for me, but I love her gown, I think it’s lovely. I tried to find a photo of just her, but couldn’t find a full length one, so here’s this:


I just love the lace detailing and her cascading hair.


Do you think Jennifer Lopez brought her own personal wind machine holder to make this effect happen at all times while on the red carpet? Let’s see, her hair is flawless, I love the color, but everything else is a little odd. She looks like an aerobics wizard.


Everything looks too tight on John Legend.


Jordin Sparks. I’m not a fan of this look. Also it looks like she’s holding an iPad in a case or something. That has nothing to do with how I feel about her overall outfit, I’m just throwing it out there, like a dog with a frisbee.


Leave it to Kelly Rowland to wear a formal crop top/bra. I love the skirt on her, hate the top.


Kendall and Kylie Jenner. Does Kylie not look like she’s working some Gwen Stefani 1990’s vibes? Anyway I hate both these outfits, though I will hand it to Kendall — she looks stunning.


Kesha (no $ anymore!). She looks beautiful. I’m not usually a fan of mermaid style gowns, but I think she pulls it off.


I freaking love Lance Bass‘s tie, but his pants and shoes are a mess.


This is Lindsey Stirling. This is what Google tells me about her: “Lindsey Stirling is an American violinist, dancer, performance artist, and composer.” All I know about her from looking at her is that her shoes are probably killing her feet and she’s wearing a dust mop on her shoulder.


The length of this dress plus the colorblocking really shorten Lucy Hale‘s figure. She looks lovely but this is not what I would chose for someone so petite.


Miranda Lambert. Wow, that’s pink. Sorry but I think this is tacky, I’m just gonna be honest. This is more suitable for clubbing in Vegas, on one of those weekends where you really just don’t give a f-ck.


Natasha Bedingfield. It’s like she was trying to come up with the most awful outfit possible. I just don’t get this.


I really like it when Nicki Minaj tones it down. The Gaga look really doens’t suit her. This is great. A little tacky, but overall, I’ll allow it. It fits her personality. Too bad she looks so unhappy.


This is Olga Kay, a “Russian internet personality, comedian, writer, director, and performer.” I’m posting her because I think this dress is the perfect example of “cute-ugly.” You’re just not sure if it’s really cute or really ugly until you realize that it’s both, and that’s okay. I think the cute-ugly factor would be taken down several notches if she chose a different shoe; maybe a pump that matched her skin color.


Pete Wentz. Honestly, aside from the hair, I don’t hate this. He may be the best-dressed dude there. (Sorry, Lance, you almost had it.)


Sarah Hyland is giving me a Clueless moment. I think I like it, but I hate the shoes.


Shakira looks just fabulous. I’m not crazy about the print but this fits her perfectly, and I love her pumps.


Shania Twain. A little dull, not a whole lot going on. She looks…nice.

My picks!

BEST: Iggy Azalea
WORST: Kelly Rowland
WTF: Jennifer Lopez

Your turn!

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