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Justin Bieber calls woman a bitch, tweets about being misunderstood

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Isn’t it sad/hilarious when people have so little self-awareness that it almost seems like they’ve actually managed to convince themselves that they’re totally innocent/everything is everyone else’s fault but their own? That definitely seems to be the case with Justin Bieber, who acts like an utter prick at every opportunity and then whines that he’s misunderstood and that people are always starting “rumours” about him. Fuck off, kid.

Justin’s latest adventure involves calling a woman a bitch for trying to take his picture during his shirtless horseback riding expedition, just hours before he tried to steal another woman’s phone at a mini golf course.

From TMZ:

Melinda Giel-Murray tells TMZ, she and her horse were at the Circle K Stables in Burbank, CA when Bieber pulled up to go horseback riding.

Giel-Murray says she whipped out her camera, but Bieber immediately freaked — and in the video you hear him say, “that bitch over there” … as he points out Melinda to his posse.

Giel-Murray claims 4 security goons surrounded her and tried to intimidate her, but she stood her ground … telling them there’s no law against taking pictures.

She feels Bieber was acting “very strange and nervous.” His crew eventually drove to a different part of the stable to mount up … shirtless.

Well, isn’t that special? Justin Bieber definitely sounds like a super great human that anyone would love spending time around and be proud to call their friend/cousin/son/etc.

But of course, it’s everyone else lying about him that caused all of these incidents that were caught on tape/legally documented. Totally untrue!

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Oh, fuck off.

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  • I think justin beiber is lindsay fucked but whole “I stood my ground there’s no law against taking pictures” thing is also pretty fucked. I’d be calling her a lot worse than a bitch and she’s just the same filth as pararazzi who take photos of celebrity kids without consent. She shouldn’t be heralded as some groundbreaking hero overcoming the oppression of not being able to invade someones privacy. Like I get your point that justin is a dickhead (I agree) but this story *cringe* makes me feel sorry for him

    • OMG. Really? So Justine gets to decide when and where people can take pictures in public now? Maybe it’s because he’s starting to have lucid moments and realizing what a douchebag he looks like with those hideous tattoos? Or that, like most extreme left and right wingers, HE gets to decide what other people are allowed to do in public?
      Ship his worthless ass back to Canada. If we had a government with ANY backbone, he’d have been deported months ago. Being here is a PRIVILEGE for visitors – he’s not a citizen.

      • wow hypocrite much He’s a dick because as you put it he thinks he should get to say what people get to do in public. and then you out of the other side of your hypocritical mouth you think you should say who gets to be in the country. walk a mile dick head and see how you like people taking your pic 24/7 nobody is at there best allthe time.

  • I can’t stand the little fucker but I I’m kinda with him on this one. I would also be calling people bitch who are constantly taking my picture when I’m just out and about trying to live my life. There are obvious times for photo ops and not. People need to be respectful of when they take your picture. And she didn’t even ask or anything. That bitch was being mad disrespectful and I don’t think Justin really even deserves the respect most people do.

    But then again, I call pretty much everyone bitch.