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Solange attacked Jay-Z because he wanted to party without Beyoncé

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I’m not really sure that we’ll ever get the actual truth about the whole Jay-Z / Solange fight that went down at the Met Gala, but we at least have some random “source’s” account of what went down now, anyway. Apparently, everything was going sorta okay, but then two things happened to get Solange all agitated and made her snap:

1. Apparently a bunch of Solange’s friends turned up to the Gala claiming to be guests of Jay-Z himself. This pissed off Jay, who told her never to use his name again and she sulked off in a huff.

2. After the Gala, Jay said he was going to Rihanna’s afterparty alone – i.e. without Beyoncé – which was said to be the final straw and led Solange to lose her mind.

From The New York Daily News:

“Why can’t you go home?” a drunken Solange Knowles said to her brother-in-law as they left the swanky May 5 Met Gala after-party, a source told The News.

Then the 27-year-old singer turned to her 32-year-old big sis Beyoncé.

“Why does your husband need to go to the club right now?” Solange asked, according to the source.

An incensed Jay Z took offense to Solange getting involved in his business.

“You’re one to talk,” he shot back at Solange, the source said.

Jay Z’s sharp reply sent Solange into a violent rage. She attacked Jay Z with a series of furious kicks and punches in a three-minute outburst that was caught on surveillance video and leaked Monday. The bad vibes between Jay Z and Solange started 15 minutes earlier when a group of Solange’s nonfamous friends from Brooklyn showed up uninvited at the star-studded soiree, a source told The News.

“Two of her friends, who were not dressed for the Met ball, showed up at the Standard and caused a scene downstairs,” the source said.

“They wouldn’t leave and kept name-dropping Jay Z. They were pretending they were guests of his and not hers. Management went to Julius (Beyoncé’s bodyguard) and said there’s a problem.”

A source said Jay Z got wind of it and snapped at Solange — saying “don’t use my name.”

Is any of this true? Who knows. It seems kinda extreme for Solange to be flying off the handle about that – especially considering Beyoncé was standing there and seemingly not caring, but who the hell knows.

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  • It couldn’t have anything to do with her being a drug addict . Beyonce was not gonna get in the middle and take a chance on getting hit . God for bid . She got in the car with her sister to make sure her crazy ass went straight home . She probably slapped the shit out of solange when the car pulled away . You see how fake beyonce is , her family is in a knock down fight and the elevator door opens and she has a huge smile in her face so she looks cute . Phony bitch !

  • You can’t say that if you were in the same situation and there were paparazzi waiting outside for you, you wouldn’t also be fake smiling. She doesn’t want the whole world to know personal and probably embarrassing stuff like that. I don’t see that as being fake, I just think she’s trying to keep private stuff private. No matter what Jay did, Solange didn’t have to start beating him, in public or not. She’s acting like ghetto ass trash, good for Beyonce and Jay Z for staying calm.

  • I say good for Salonge for beating his ass for wanting to blow of his wife and head to see Rhianna.