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Justin Bieber should be a felon… according to the LA County Sheriff

justin biebe

Justin Bieber‘s a little piece of shit, and he should be in jail, at least for a couple months so he can be scared straight so he can stop thinking/pretending he’s some thug from the streets. You grew up white and middle class in Canada, dude – get a life.

Anyhow, if the LA County Sheriff’s Office had their druthers, Justin would be given felony charges over that whole egging of his neighbour’s house. Hopefully the DA will go in that direction rather than with a misdemeanor!

From TMZ:

Lt. Dave Thompson tells TMZ … it’s pretty simple.  Justin caused $20,000 in damage, he’s caught dead to rights on video, and justice requires a prosecution for felony vandalism.

Thompson — who executed the search warrant on Bieber’s home — says he’ll be one unhappy guy if the D.A. decides to file misdemeanor charges, saying, “I led a team of people into a house where there’s armed security.  I wouldn’t have done that if this was just a misdemeanor case.”

And Thompson says, the judge who signed the search warrant agreed it’s a felony.

I suppose we’ll all have to wait with bated breath for this one. No doubt he’ll still get off and won’t spend any time in prison, but it’s early days – he’ll be in prison at some point, I’ll pretty much bank on that.

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  • Holy Hell seriously prison for egging a house. Really Lt. this is the case you are focusing on the Great House Egging Caper are you so invested in this one because you weren’t able to solve the Knicky knicky Nine doors scandle of 2010.

    • Yes, jj. PRISON. That’s usually what happens when you get convicted of a FELONY. When you cause $20,000 worth of damage, that is a FELONY.