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Was Julia Roberts a bitch at her sister’s funeral?

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It’s pretty well known that Julia Roberts and sister Nancy Motes had a dysfunctional and rather distant relationship – it was reported on for years. However, after Nancy’s untimely death from a drug overdose in February, you would think Julia could put her differences with her sister aside in order to pay tribute to her.

Apparently, anything BUT that happened at the funeral, where attendees were said to be shocked at the speech Julia gave. Uh oh!

From Radar Online:

Instead of peacefully burying the hatchet with her dead sibling, however, has learned that Roberts instead launched a “harsh” and “bizarre” eulogy that left mourners “stunned,” “shocked,” and asking just what they had witnessed.

According to a new report in the National ENQUIRER, Roberts’ remarks went over like a lead balloon from the start. After rising to her feet, choking back the tears, a source told the mag, “She said that after hearing everyone, she felt [ripped off] and pissed!”

“Julia added that Nancy’s … Gone and not coming back,” the source continued. “Julia said that, as her sister, she just wanted to ‘wring’ her neck because she didn’t wait to see the joy that comes with the morning.”

Guests at the memorial “were stunned by Julia’s harsh words,” the source told the ENQUIRER. “But they were even more stunned when she said that she actually admired Nancy for what she did!”

Roberts, 46, insisted that “her sister took control and ended her pain when she had no other tolls to cope with it … She said that she admired that she had the strength to do what she did, to end her pain.”

“When Julia said that, people were really shocked,” the source said. “The whole scene was really bizarre.”

I mean, it’s not as bad as they’re trying to make out, right? I’m sure the feelings surrounding such an event are really complicated, and we do feel ways that might be “shocking” or that others might not understand. Still, the funeral/memorial service isn’t really a place to voice all that…

That being said, all of this could be complete bullshit, but Julia does have a bit of a reputation for being a bitch. I like her, though, so I’ll choose to believe none of this ever happened.

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  • Fish gotta swim Birds gotta fly and Julia Roberts has gotta be a BITCH. I don’t necessarily have a problem with what she said but she has to pick a side either she is pissed and “wanted to wring her neck for not holding on to see the joy of the morning” or she is proud that she took control and ended her pain. BUT I guess if she had Julia wouldn’t have been able to make her sister memorial service all about Julia !!

  • Sounds like I’ll be alone in this, but I’ve gotta say – what I read is someone who is deeply saddened that her sister didn’t hold on to see that it gets better and then got really angry about that, like so many of us do, and I think that’s a normal way of experiencing grief. I agree that the funeral isn’t the place to voice that, but I always give points for raw honesty, and think leeway should be given when someone is grieving.
    The statement expressing respect for her sister ending her pain was reckless and misguided, though.