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James Franco’s bed shot with Keegan Allen was made to “blow up Twitter”

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James Franco should truly be banned from all forms of social media, as he’s proven time and time again that he just can’t be trusted to use it responsibly. You probably remember that late last month, James decided to post a photo of himself in bed with Pretty Little Liars actor Keegan Allen, with both of them appearing naked (or at least shirtless).  He likes to poke fun at some of the past reports about his sexuality, so I didn’t even think much of this, but of course it got him press, which is presumably what he wanted. Well, not even presumably – it was all for attention.

From E! Online:

“I went to go say hey to him in his dressing room,” Allen told me at the Race to Erase MS benefit for the Nancy Davis Foundation for Multiple Sclerosis. “There were a lot of people there and I asked him, ‘What’s the way to do the best selfie in bed?’ and he showed me. And then he climbed in really quickly and he was like, ‘Let’s blow up Twitter for a second.'”

First of all, there are so many things that are weird about this. Why in the hell did Keegan Allen want to do a selfie in bed, and why did he need advice on how to do it? Also, what, did James just turn around and say, “Here, I’ll show you! Let’s take off our shirts and hop into bed together!”? It’s all so bizarre.

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