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White House Correspondents Dinner Fashion Post!


Welcome to a special fashion edition of the Best, Worst, And WTF Fashion from the White House Correspondent’s Dinner! Lots of celebs showed up to listen to President Obama talk and to generally just look fabulous — let’s be honest, this dinner isn’t really about much. I mean, Jessica Simpson was there. So who looked utterly glam? And who had a big makeup mishap?

Go through the looks and tell me who you thought had the BEST, WORST, and most WTF look of the night!


Poor Arianna Huffington had a major makeup don’t. Her under-eye concealer didn’t quite agree with the camera flash, making her look like a reverse racoon. Bummer.



Bellamy Young, who plays the First Lady on Scandal. I loooove this dress and I think she looks fabulous.



Here’s another Scandal-er, Darby Stanchfield. I don’t like this dress. I think she looks like she’s wearing some sort of Poison Ivy costume.



Diane Lane looks incredible as always.



Here’s Jeff Goldblum with his lady friend, Emilie Livingston, a much younger actress. I like what she’s wearing and I dig his bowtie, but his glasses are ridiculous. Classic Goldblum.



Jessica Simpson looks lovely, though a little uncomfortable.



Julia Louis-Dreyfus plays the VP on Veep, and here she is! I gotta say, this gown is a little plain and doesn’t really do her any major favors. She’s got a great bod. It’s kind of, for lack of a better word, meh. She’s worn better dresses on her show.



I didn’t even recognize Julianna Margulies. Love the black gown and red lipstick with her coloring. I think she pulls off the severe look well.



Katharine McPhee could have used some blush; girl looks a little washed out, and the color of the gown doesn’t really help. There’s something off about this dress. Not sure what it is. Maybe it’s that for the style of dress, it seems like it should be short — it would look really cute short — but at this length, it’s underwhelming.



Damn, Katie Couric knows what’s up.



Red seems to be a popular color. Here’s Keltie Knight. I like the dress, but I don’t think I like it for this occasion; it seems like more of an Oscar dress.



Kristen Bell in some sort of goth prom dress. This does nothing for her.



Only a legendary supermodel like Linda Evangelista could get away with this coat. Those shoes…I hate those shoes. I’m not sure why. I think paired with the coat they remind me of 1990’s Contempo Casuals. But hey, that’s her decade.



Lupita Nyong’o in the “love it or hate it” dress of the night. Guys, I’m stuck on this one. I’m leaning towards loving it, because of how playful it is and how well it fits her, but it does look a little costume-y. As always, I love her choice of lip color.



Michelle Branch in “whatever, I don’t care.”



And once again, Olivia Munn wears something I hate. Big surprise.



Rose McGowan…oh my sweet lord and what in the ever-loving f-ck is all I have to say about this one.



I gotta hand it to Sofia Vergara — she looks flawless. She usually goes overboard at red carpet events, but I think she restrained herself nicely here.



And finally, the President of the United States…on Scandal, Tony Goldwyn. He looks sharp and on point. His suit fits him well…though on second glance, the pants may be a taaaaad too tight in the crotch. Oh well, at least the pant legs aren’t too long.


Time to make your picks! Here are mine:

BEST: Bellamy Young
WORST: Kristen Bell
WTF: Rose McGowan

Your turn!


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  • best: Jessica Simpson (she does look awkward, but just judging the dress)
    worst: (so many to choose from…) Lupita Nyong’o (she usually has such better taste!!)
    wtf: (agreed on by me and my 19 year old son) Rose McGowan

  • very nice-except obama spoils the whole thing–he should not have been in that grouping-

  • Kristen Bell the worst?? NO WAY Lupita looks ridiculous that’s the worst Katie looks great and WHY is Rose even there?