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Jennifer Lawrence is the sexiest woman in the world

jennifer lawrence

According to FHM, an unrepentant UK lad’s mag (their tagline is “It’s great to be a man”), there are plenty of sexy women to choose from in this world, but Jennifer Lawrence is the sexiest. She came in at #1 on their 2014 list, ahead of ladies like Rihanna, Emma Watson (?), Katy Perry, etc. Kaley Cuoco and her boobs are on there, too.

Here’s why FHM loves JLaw:

Much like us, Jennifer Lawrence has never had acting lessons. Unlike us, Jennifer Lawrence has acted in a variety of TV shows and movies, and has risen to A-list status star in the entertainment industry. We wonder what we’re doing wrong? Maybe it’s our complete lack of natural talent and the way we look like we’ve fallen backwards out of a hedge most days. That might be it.

Jennifer made the leap from pretty famous to mega-super-ultra-famous with her starring role in The Hunger Games, the movie adaptation of the moody sci-fi novel. Having clocked up a whopping $686,533,290 at the global box office, the film made not only made Lawrence a household name, it also made us want to take her on a date, perhaps to Nando’s, then moving on to The Crown for a couple of pints (white-wine spritzers for Jennifer). Jennifer’s probably marginally more excited about the “household name” thing, but hopefully only marginally.

Oh, and even better, they congratulate her for not dieting, giving her a hearty “Good on ‘er!” because apparently not dieting is an accomplishment.

While lists like this shouldn’t even exist, they’re always going to, and in that spirit, I will say I think it’s pretty excellent that they’ve chosen her as their #1. JLaw is gorgeous and talented, for sure, but she’s certainly not your usual Hollywood sex kitten, so it’s nice to see something besides blatant sexuality being celebrated, even if the whole thing is pretty fucked up.

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  • I’m going to go out on a limb and say that there are what ZERO non celebs on “The Worlds Sexiest” list. The “She’s Never Dieted thing” why the f#@k would she need to diet and thus why should she get credit for it?

  • White wine spritzer for Jennifer of course, wouldn’t want a woman drinking a pint.That’s manly and unattractive.