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Naya Rivera is banned from the ‘Glee’ set


Oh dear, Naya Rivera is having some trouble lately, isn’t she? There was that whole drama with Big Sean and how she accused him of stealing her Rolexes because she’s more famous and richer than he is, then the reports that she was feuding with Lea Michele and trying to get her kicked off set. Well, apparently her bullshit is not welcome on the Glee set, as she’s been banned from coming there and entirely written out of the last two episodes because of it.

From Radar Online:

“Naya has had a lot of issues this season,” a source close to the situation told Radar.

“She has been fighting with all of the lesser known directors but when veteran Brad [Falchuck] came back she caused trouble with him and that’s when the drastic measures were taken.”

“She is NOT allowed on the Glee set anymore. Brad said he had had enough and spoke to all of the executives and the decision was made to write her off the last two shows of the season for causing drama all season.”

The production tried to manage the situation for the entire season, and Rivera’s troubles were raised to the top of the company.

“Fox sent her TWO notices telling her that they were planning to take legal action against her for all the time that she was missing because of her tantrums and walking off the set,” the source revealed to Radar.

“Naya promised that she would change her ways and she begged them to give her more chances, saying that she wouldn’t cause any more drama. But they finally decided that the show couldn’t go on with her disrupting production so they wrote her off the show.

“She’s not even allowed back on the lot where they film. Her Paramount pass has been revoked and the production team packed up her trailer with all of her belongings and shipped it to her house.”

LOL, I love when people get too big for their boots and try to cause drama, only to have their whole shit shut down. No one will hire this girl – she’s not even talented, and sorry guys, she’s NOT hot, either (though I’m sure she could book a few half-naked photoshoots to get a bit more money in the bank before she fades into complete obscurity) so I don’t think a Kim Kardashian-style career is in the books for her, either.  SIT DOWN.

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  • She’s better looking than Lea. You’re nuts to think otherwise. Lea is a dime a dozen, because of her nose. Jennifer Grey syndrome…..

    • They both came from the dog pound and this one was too stupid not to bight the hand that fed her Sooooo back to the pound she goes. I hope she tried to pull the .. Do you know who I am? That shit is hilarious !! BTW I have No idea who she is.

    • Probably true and that’s why she is such a moron. There is a great chance she killed her career she should have kept her mouth stopped acting like a bitch on set and she may have gottin another role when this show is over.