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Tori Spelling has been hospitalized

tori spelling dean mcdermott

Oh man, the drama is never-ending for Tori Spelling, it seems. There’s all this drama with husband Dean McDermott and his constantly wandering penis (which some people are now claiming was a set-up to get a reality show), which seems to be a little bit over-the-top, but who knows what’s really going on there. Well, apparently the stress is taking its toll, because Tori has been hospitalized.

E! News reported the story and other outlets quickly picked it up, but there’s no confirmation at this time as to why she’s been hospitalized, what’s going on with her or if she’s okay. It’ll probably be a nervous breakdown type thing, if I had to guess. Then again, some people have suggested that this, too, is all for publicity. I try to give people the benefit of the doubt as I don’t want to think anyone could be that desperate, but anyway, here’s hoping she makes a full recovery soon.

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  • I watched her new show True Tori, and believe me, I don’t think it was a set up at all. She isn’t that good of an actress ( no offense meant) and the scene where it’s complete and utter chaos and she admits she isn’t doing a great job raising four small kids alone and is simply glad they are alive and fed is really, really sad.

    I hope she is alright.

    • Neither Tori or Dean are realistic. Tori obviously isn’t very bright to think that Dean wouldn’t cheat on her, because he cheated on his first wife when he hooked up with Tori.

      Also funny is that Dean doesn’t seem to work much (nor does Tori, for that matter), which would appear to me to be a MAJOR problem.

      • I never said it was realistic for her to think he wouldn’t cheat given the foundation of their relationship. I just said I don’t think his cheating was staged. He does a lot of random made-for-TV movies and she has made quite a bit off of her books. Their financial situation has zero bearing on this situation as she has been concerned he would cheat from the very beginning.

  • It is totally for her show- the film crew and producers and all were present- no thank you not taking the bait