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Surprise! Joan Rivers is an asshole!

Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers is so old and out of touch now that the only way she can stay relevant is by continuing to offend people under the guise of “comedy” – with the funniest part being that no one’s laughing. I’m all for dark humour, observational humour that can be offensive, etc, but Joan Rivers just talks shit that’s so outlandish, it can’t even be poorly disguised as a joke.

Her latest foray into the world of tastelessness (I know, I know – she’s the president there) was in saying that the two women who escaped from the Cleveland house they were abused and held captive in last year should “lighten up” because, you know, free rent and all that. LOL?

From TMZ:

The women are pissed at Joan’s comments on the “Today” show this week … when she talked about her daughter’s guest room, saying “Those women in the basement in Cleveland had more space.”

The women — Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus — came out swinging, saying they were shocked and disappointed at the “hurtful” comment.

Joan tells us she WON’T apologize, telling them to lighten up, adding,  “One of them has a book deal.  Neither are in a psych ward.  They’re ok.  I bet you within 3 years one of them will be on Dancing with the Stars.”

And Joan says, plenty of comedians have done schtick about tragic events like Hitler’s terror and the sinking of the Titanic.  Joan says, “The TV the guy gave them must not have had SNL.”

Jesus Christ. What a disgusting human being.

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  • Aw, someone’s offended by a comedienne’s joke? Please – common sense is going out the window these days.

  • Lighten up people, it’s a joke.
    If you’re offended, then the real world is not for you, go back to mommy’s basement.

    • Basements are dark, and cold. They’re lucky he let them live upstairs, part of the time. ;)

  • Was it in bad taste ya of course but that is who Joan is and she has been saying those things for 70 yrs. The women that were abducted have the right to be pissed but the rest of you No get over it. Hell lastweek you said Lohan’s miscarriage was a blessing. Ya ya you said miscarriages are fucked up ….

  • She’s the worst. Her jokes aren’t funny for one, plus she comments on the way other people look, when she is clearly can’t stand the way she herself looks after disfiguring herself with excessive plastic surgery. Ugh.

    And honestly, how dare she pass off what happened to those women as nothing? Any positive fame or wealth they get after this is well deserved after what they went through.

  • To quote Kyle from South Park: “Either it’s all okay, or none of it is.”

    People get butthurt about everything these days. Like someone else said, lighten up.

    • Either it’s funny or it isn’t. This isn’t, some times Rivers just runs off at the mouth until she gets someone’s attention. Let’s put the lighten up people in a room for ten years without family, not to mention all the sexual abuse and then you can lighten up. For the people comparing this to the miscarriage, this was real, the other was probably made up for sympathy by someone who lies all the time, big difference.

      • No, it’s a solid joke. Some people just can’t handle certain types of comedy, and I think you’re one of them. So your dumbass sensibilities are hurt. Who fucking cares? Joan Rivers shouldn’t have to censor herself just to appease people like you.


      • The old crone can tell whatever joke she wants, on any topic, this one wasn’t funny to me but I’m not crying tears of hurt over it, just stating an opinion. What does Fuck have to do with this topic fellow dumbass? Talk about censorship with such an angry response.

      • M – Obviously it is a joke. That is why Joan Rivers made it; it is her poor attempt at humor. But the line must be drawn somewhere – if it is acceptable to joke and marginalize women who were sexually abused for years, then it is obvious that we truly do live in a culture that does not give a damn about victims of abuse. I thought that jokes were supposed to be funny. I do not know what sick person would be laughing about the sexual abuse two women experienced for years. Obviously Joan Rivers is free to make whatever joke she wishes, but those who are offended by her offensive jokes are also allowed to say as much. Also – your crude language makes all your points null, “dumbass.”

  • This reminds me of the Don Imus controversy over his comments about the Rutger’s female b-ball players. These people are paid to say stuff like this; it’s they’re job. Get a life, Cleaveland 3. You’re getting free press for your future memoirs.

  • If the old bat can say whatever she wants, then so can everyone who doesn’t agree with her. Free speech works both ways.

  • Everyone is getting upset with her and it’s giving her exactly what she wants. It was stupid for anyone to think that someone like Joan Rivers would back down and trying to make her apologize only emboldens her. She’s a comedienne who is known for saying highly offensive or inappropriate things; that’s her schtick. To assume she could be shamed into apologizing is ridiculous.

    She won’t back down and apologize because she would be looked down upon by other comics who have her same sense of humor. There’s no way she wants to lose street cred in her field.

    With people like her, the best way to get at them is to not fall into the bear trap. Just ignore her. Hell for Joan Rivers is an empty room with no one to pay attention to her.

  • Leave the ‘Politically correct’ crap to the politicians.
    Better yet Ban Politically correct.

  • Oh, ‘cmon! Yes, I’m more than disappointed in some of what she says, but-this is still America, and I’ve heard worse from other comedians, and my fellow neighbors.

  • Money saving tip for Joan. And every one who thinks this comment (actually, anything She says) was funny. When you die, get them to give you an enema. Then they can bury you in a shoebox.

  • Solid joke, about the size of her room versus the room in Oh. She never referenced the ladies, they weren’t offended, they had no idea what occurred. Some perennial outrage over reactors on the AntiSocial Network of PC language police decided as they do daily, to make this into something when it was a part of a working comedic legend’s act. Just as we don’t police writers, actors, musicians, comedians art shouldn’t be censored either. This is all about posturing.

  • Once more for you slow folks, it was a joke about the room size NOT THESE LADIES OR THEIR ABDUCTION AND TIME HELD. How can you clutch your pearls and be offended when you are too puerile to understand context? The sanctimony and rush to police folks these days is incredible. You folks would give over your freedoms with two hands.

  • I don’t see how anybody admires shock humor. Joan Rivers, Howard Stern, and their ilk are doing nothing that takes any skill. It’s hard to do good comedy. Saying something shocking is as easy as taking candy from a baby. Or raping a baby. See how easily I did that?

  • I agree with the Butlerdidit and Mavis .I thought the comparison to a small cluttered room in her house with the basement where the kidnapped girls were held was pretty funny because it made her point vividly and briefly, in a totally unexpected, outlandish,over-the-top, comparison–which shocks people into laughing. This is what comedians do. The comment referred in no way to their horrible treatment, sexual or otherwise. I’ve seen, and turned off, a number of HBO and other channels comedy hour specials because of non-stop vulgarities and ugly, mean-spirited stereotyped jokes at the expense of lots of people, which I admit can SOMETIMES be funny if the stand up is his or herself funny but usually they really aren’t.

  • What do you expect, Joan and Gene are two money hungry loving Jews. Jews are the cause of every problem since the World began. Even when God made them the Choosen people, what did they do,gave him the hardest of time. And Joan wishing death on other humans, now your F#$%in brain dead bitch.

  • The World needs less of the likes of Joan Rivers, these are people who make money off the pain of others. Here is a stupid ungly woman who ‘s husband killed themself because she made his life not worth living, and she has the balls to wish death on others. Pull the plug on this rat of a woman, she’s not worth saving.