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Jamie Dornan already hates ’50 Shades of Grey’

Jamie Dornan

Welp, some people need to learn their lessons the hard way, and it seems Jamie Dornan is already feeling a bit of 50 Shades of Grey fatigue as he’s really wishing he could do a role where he’s not tying women to beds all day. Of course, he had that opportunity before he decided to take this part, but unfortunately, his role as Christian Grey is probably going to put a big ol’ damper on the career potential he once had.

From The Guardian:

“There are a couple of classic knots I know now,” says the 31-year-old, “and I’ve put them to good use far too many times recently. In fact I’d like to do a job where I don’t have to tie women to beds.”

Of the attention he’s received for his first big Hollywood role, he says: “The whole thing’s ridiculous.” Then he falls silent. “It’s just all a bit silly the way it works. Another pause. “I think I could lose my mind.” By contrast, coming back from Fifty, as he calls it, straight on to The Fall and Belfast, “felt like coming home, in the loveliest way”.

Hey, side newsflash: The Fall is SO GOOD, and he was a total creepster in it. Also, he thinks it’s ridiculous NOW? He wants another role NOW? Before this movie has even come out? There’s a year to go before that happens, so methinks he needs to buck up and get used to it, because this is going to be one life and career-ruining ride, dude.

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  • I found The Fall to be predictable and upsetting. There are way too many shows where women’s rape and suffering are used for the male viewers’ titillation. I watched two episodes and I decided I’d had enough.

  • I don’t feel sorry for him. He should never have accepted the role in FSOG especially knowing how many people – including myself – didn’t want him in role. But, it’s ok. Movie will bomb and his career will go no where So ha!

  • I thinks he’s a wonderful actor from what movies I have seen him in. The movie will do quite well I believe. I can’t quite understand how people make statements about a movie they have never seen. Psychic I guess! Give the guy a chance and stop being a jealous hater. It take time to develop your acting abilities.

  • I agree Jean. It’s amazing the negativity you read on the Internet about everything. It’s sad that people are so negative, but they are probably lacking in their own lives. I doubt Jamie Dornan hates the movie, just the whole aspect of paparazzi is probably new for him. As you see people verbally attack him for doing the movie. Move forward and don’t look back, be intelligent and ignore the silly stuff people write.

  • Read an interview with Jamie Dornan stating that he loved playing Christian. Rumors will always be around for bored people. I love the guy, he’s beautiful. He has these huge soulful eyes. I can’t wait to see the movie! It will be a hit!