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Boy Meets World Star Goes Practically Naked At Premiere


Boy Meets World star Maitland Ward wore quite the scandalous little number. Ms. Ward played Rachel, the redhead, from the show. And hasn’t been up to much since, which is likely why she busted out this sheer dress with a carefully placed cross.

She wore the dress to the premiere for A Haunted House 2 (lol what?). She’s well aware of the stir she caused. Yesterday she tweeted, “Umm, must be a slow news week… But, I’ll take it ;)” along with press clippings of her in the dress. (And yes, it is.)

What do we think of the dress? What are some words that come to mind?

BTW she’s 37. Looks like she has the body of someone a decade younger!

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  • She’s beautiful but that dress is ridiculous (especially for the setting). A quick google search shows this is definitely not out of the norm for her. Somebody get this girl a stylist!

  • This be the gazillionth version of the “slut dress” and it’s just as stupid as the other versions. But, I do love that she chose to pose in front of those movie posters.