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Newsflash: Kate Upton doesn’t actually hate her boobs

kate upton

There was a big stink in the press this past week when it was reported that Kate Upton admitted to hating her boobs and wishing for smaller ones pretty much 24/7. However, it seems it was much ado about nothing since she never actually said that and is actually quite happy with her body. Oops!

From an interview with Australia’s 2Day FM:

“Isn’t that lovely whenever media makes up something? It’s like, ‘It’s my body, I’ll tell you how I feel about it!’ I actually never said that. If someone asked me this question and actually cared to hear what I have to say about my own personal body … I would say that I feel like all women feel like they don’t have life perfect. Sometimes they don’t feel their best, but I love my body. I always feel incredibly grateful for what I have.”

She also took to Twitter to voice her thoughts:

I bet you wouldn’t change a thing! Get that money, girl!

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  • This photo looks SO smoothed out with Photoshop (poreless skin, etc), but at the same time, it’s pretty unflattering in the hips region. Hmm.

    • I thought the same thing! This is an incredibly unflattering angle. While it’s obvious her middle has been airbrushed into oblivion, I’m shocked that they didn’t whittle down her waist. She’s not a heavy girl, but the way she’s standing in this picture makes her look so misshapen

  • She looks like she’s 4 months pregnant. I’m not into skinny girls. I like that Christina Hendricks. But Christina doesn’t pose for pics in an unflattering bikini. I cringe when I see her making magazine covers with that ‘look’ that she has going on. She looks sloppy and slutty.

  • OMG. this chick looks so washed up it isn’t even funny…..must be nice to get famous on daddys money and sucking your way up. Curves? what curves, she is built like a fridge. Society trying to push this on us