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What happened to Mariah Carey’s head?

Look, I’m not here to shame anyone. Mariah Carey is a beautiful woman and a total legend, but SOMETHING has gone awry in her cranial region because in a new interview with Entertainment Tonight (which she turned up five hours late to, in true diva fashion), she looks… not really human.

I mean, leave it to ONTD to point this out, but what’s happening here?

mariah carey

I’m just so confused! Is it Botox gone awry? An allergic reaction? A bad angle? It’s all so bizarre.

Also, of COURSE she was supposed to show up at 7 pm and turned up at 12:30 am. WHO DOES THAT? And how is she even awake at that time of night? Lord, I’m tired just reading that time.

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  • 1) Is she a little drunk? Cuz she sounds a little drunk

    2) Her face is crazy. Didn’t she used to have a jawline? I mean, I know she’s put on weight, but damn, her face reminds me of coke addicts that get that ‘coke bloat’ around their face sometimes. I don’t think it’s botox, it just looks like she’s gained 20lbs and it’s all gone to her jowls.

  • I think she’s just aging. She’s not a young woman anymore, and changes in one’s face are not unusual.

    I was never a fan of hers, but I don’t think there’s anything unusual with her appearance.

    I know its somewhat hypocritical of me to be on a celebrity gossip website, but surely we have better things to discuss than a woman’s face!

    • It’s Mariah Carey. She probably doesn’t care. So long as we are talking about her, that’s probably all that she is concerned with.

  • Wasn’t she the diva who used to have an angle that was forbidden from being photographed? As in ‘only pics from the right please’. I can understand why that is now…

    Not that I should judge, if I’m being photographed/filmed from certain angles I look like Mama June; chins, weird eyes, ugly hair etc.

  • Looks like she got a bit carried away with fillers, that, along with some weight gain.

    On the plus side, with a bit of green face paint she could easily star as Princess Fiona in “Shrek: The Musical”.