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The IRS is still after MC Hammer

mc hammer

MC Hammer filed for bankruptcy back in 1996 and lost EVERYTHING, leaving him broke and without his most expensive possessions. While he paid his $7 million debts (including almost $2 million to the IRS) in 2007, turns out, the IRS wants more from him.

From TMZ:

Hammer got out from under his debt by anteing up more than $7 mil in 2007, and that amount included more than $1.4 million to the IRS.

Now — 7 years later — hammer says Uncle Sam has just demanded another $1.4 mil — this time for penalties and interest on the delinquent 1996 taxes.

Hammer thinks it’s a travesty, and has filed legal docs asking a judge to block the IRS from collecting because of basic principles of fairness.

That is pretty messed up – the IRS will drain your ass DRY, though. Hopefully he doesn’t have to declare bankruptcy AGAIN – and he stays out of trouble, too, since he was arrested last year.

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  • Another mental midget whining because he just can’t figure out why the man is picking on him. Too bad his sub-par education doesn’t allow for him to realize that back taxes and the associated penalties and interest are two different things.

    Sorry, absolutely no sympathy for this schmuck.

    Pay your taxes like EVERYBODY ELSE.