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Kate Upton hates her big, beautiful breasts

kate upton

Kate Upton‘s boobs have served her well in the modeling industry, but like any girl who’s DDs weren’t put in by a surgeon will tell you, they’re not all they’re cracked up to be. They make your back hurt, they can ruin your opportunities to wear cute tops (especially if they’re button-up) and they generally don’t stay “perky” because unlike silicone bags, breast tissue is fat and it weighs something.

Anyhoo, Kate has talked about her big boob woes in a new interview with The Sun (via TMZ):

Upton told The Sun in Britain she wishes for a smaller rack everyday … because of her love for things like going braless in a spaghetti string top and wearing small bikinis.

She adds, “Every single day, I’m like, ‘Oh, man, it would be so much easier,’ especially if people didn’t constantly bring them up.” This coming from the girl who constantly flaunts her boobs in magazines like Sports Illustrated, Vogue and Vanity Fair and made a fortune off her floaters.

Kate says she wishes her jugs were more like clip-ons … so she could take them on and off as she pleases.

Pfft, I would never clip those suckers back on if I had the choice. But hey, it’s made her rich, so get yours, girl.

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  • I feel her. We’re the same size and I wish I could have a breast reduction. I’m sick of t-shirts looking too tight around my chest and too baggy everywhere else, of popping buttons of my shirts, and looking like a monstrosity.