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Would you have sex with Paul Rudd?

paul rudd billy eichner

If you don’t have cable and/or don’t like funny things, you probably haven’t watched Billy on the Street. Billy Eichner is loud, obnoxious and extremely gay – three qualities some people seem to have a problem with, but not me! I love it. A lot of celebrities love it, as well, and they love appearing on his ambush-style show to have fun with unsuspecting New Yorkers.

Most recently, Paul Rudd the stud stopped by to ask city dwellers a very important question: Would you have sex with Paul Rudd?

Ha! It’s not every day that you’re stopped by Paul Rudd on the street and propositioned for sex, I suppose.

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  • I didn’t find Eichner too funny to be honest. The concept is fun but he just comes off as too aggressive. I thought his character in Parks & Rec was just a character and I found it amusing but if it’s his whole comedic persona… It’s too much.