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Julia Louis-Dreyfus loves having a foul mouth

julia louis-dreyfus

I keep meaning to watch Veep – I have the first season sitting on my laptop just waiting to be enjoyed, but I’m slow and busy, so I’ve only seen the first episode so far. However, I love Julia Louis-Dreyfus and I’m on board for anything she does, so I know it’ll be great.

One thing that’s awesome about her character on Veep is that she’s one of the most foul-mouthed bitches in the game, and it’s hilarious and not at all overdone and totally works. It seems real – something that Julia is thrilled about off-camera, as well.

From Rolling Stone:

“Once, when we were trying to come up with the particular perfect, horrible, swear-y thing to say in Veep, I said, ‘You do realize that if we were 12, we would get in big trouble for this conversation,'” she said. “That was not part of the curriculum in high school, and the fact that it is now a part of the curriculum of my life is a pleasure, which is the understatement of the universe.” Incidentally, a Senate aide told Rolling Stone that Veep is “way more realistic than House of Cards. . . It works because it’s revealing truths.”

One show I HAVE seen is House of Cards, and that shit is GOOD. Which is besides the point, I know, but it warranted mentioning. I love thinking of politics being full of foul-mouthed, immature, power hungry babies, though. Seems about right.
Have you watched Veep? Do I need to make this a priority?

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  • Yes, I’ve seen it, and yes, you need to stop what you’re doing right this very second and marathon that shit.

  • agree…get thee to a big-assed TV right now and watch the show. the entire cast is hilarious. do it!

  • Veep is FUN!! Also, eyeroll at the nude cover. Again, a naked woman. It’s so fucking tiring.