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Kesha’s done with all the negativity in life


Kesha exited rehab earlier this month and was feeling a lot healthier. She also dropped the $ from her name… but that’s not all she dropped. In fact, she’s also apparently got rid of all the negative things and people she used to be surrounded with. Is that code for “I got out of my record deal with Dr. Luke“? Who can say?

“She has eliminated all of the negative people and influences in her life,” a friend of the pop star tells PEOPLE. “She has surrounded herself with only supportive and loving friends and family.”

Another source admits the “Timber” singer has been “lying low” but is in a “really good place” as she settles into making Los Angeles her new home following her stint in a Chicago-based rehab center where she sought treatment alongside her mother, Pebe Sebert.

“Kesha is back to practicing self-love and is at peace with herself,” adds the friend. “She’s found her inner strength and focus again.”

Good for Kesha! However, I have to admit… this whole thing probably spells absolute disaster for her, career-wise. Of course, her personal health is WAY more important than fame, just saying… I don’t think we’ll be hearing any more hits from her anytime soon.

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  • she’ll probably still do fun pop but more of her music will have meaning now, I think a few more hits are still in line…

  • I, too, was wondering about the comment about her career taking a hit because she decided to get rehab for her eating disorder and try to keep her emotional center going forward. Healthy people have made some great artists in all fields. I just thought that was an odd thing to say and would love to get it clarified.

    I hope Kesha continues her recovery and being focused on life, not the internal agony of an eating disorder, helps make her an even bigger star. If that is what she wants.