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Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen are bringing back socks with sandals

mary kate ashley

I love me some Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. I grew up with them as Michelle on Full House and think they’re excellent for having built an empire without becoming like Lindsay Lohan and squandering it all. I also sorta love that despite being billionaires, they continue to dress like homeless people. It’s mind-boggling and sort of hilarious.

However, socks with sandals? Ladies, really? First of all, they’re awful Jesus sandals. Second of all, those socks look thick enough to wear in the Arctic. Considering that these two are CFDA-nominated fashion designers, I’m a little concerned. However, apparently the Birkenstock-style sandal was all the rage in all the recent Fashion Week shows, so now that they’re wearing them, expect to see this ugly shit everywhere you go, I guess.

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  • Yes, Birkenstocks are ugly as sin, but I am for one glad a comfy shoe that allows you to walk comfortably for a whole day is on trend.

  • Sandals? OK
    Socks with sandals? Even I, a guy, knows that’s just wrong. Epic fashion fail for these two “icons”.

  • Look at the way they are dressed huge coats scarfs and yes even “socks thick enough to wear in the artic”. If I were these two I would wear this shit too saying to one another lets see what kind of shit we can get people to wear because we wore it. That and well they were probably free bees and we all know how celebs love their free bees