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Kate Gosselin’s kids are stoked about being back on TV

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Kate Gosselin‘s Kate Plus 8 show tanked after her marriage to Jon fell apart and the twins Maddie and Cara got too old for their bratty ass attitudes to be cute anymore, and so we all said goodbye to the family and hoped the kids would grow up with some sense of normalcy.

That was not to be, of course, since Kate became obsessed with turning herself into a walking Barbie and trying to exploit every chance for fame she could get, and Jon went off the rails and became a gun-toting woodsman. It’s all very sad, but here’s what’s sadder: Kate is bringing the kids back to TV.

TLC has commissioned a one hour Kate Plus 8 special to air in June, which will apparently catch us all up on what the family has been doing since the last show got canceled. Maddie and Cara said during that extremely awkward interview in which they embarrassed Kate horribly that they do miss being on TV (of course they do – they’re kids!), so apparently they’re thrilled with the news… and so are the rest of the tribe, says Kate. Jon, of course, is not so thrilled.

“They cheered like crazy. It was like I announced that it’s Christmas tomorrow,” Kate, 38, tells Us. “Our crew walked in and it was like they had never left.”

Dad Jon Gosselin, however, is not cheering. “He thinks it is a really bad idea for his kids,” a source tells Us. “Jon feels he has his kids’ best interest at heart.”

Well, OF COURSE it’s a bad idea for his kids. As if they’re not damaged enough from growing up on TV and being the children of two INSANE PEOPLE. I mean, come on!

However, this shit is happening whether we like it or not, so how about no one watches and that’ll ensure that TLC never wastes broadcast money on them again?

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    • I would generally agree, but in that TODAY Show interview, they absolutely LIT UP when the host asked them if they would like to do another show. They’re kids who like the fame and free shit they probably get, so I can see them being into it. Doesn’t mean it’s good for them, though! She should have the kids taken off her, to be honest…