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Is J.Lo’s “I Luh Ya Papi” Video “Blurred Lines” For Women?

I Luh Ya Papi

Jennifer Lopez has her 10th album coming out, and with it, a video for her single “I Luh Ya Papi” that features scantily clad dudes. The video opens with up with Ms. Lopez and back-up dancers in a meeting about what the video will look like (it’s very meta) and one of the dancers points out that if JLO were a dude, the video would be her in a mansion and on a yacht surrounded by half-dressed women. So they decide to flip the gender roles and have JLO in a mansion and on a yacht surrounded by half-dressed men.

MTV is calling it the “‘Blurred Lines’ for women.” What do you guys think?

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  • GARBAGE “song”. fucking. horrible. nice lookin’ dudes though, so exploit away, J-Ho. I’ll watch it muted…

  • I feel that Jennifer Lopez did the right thing. So what if she flipped the gender roles. Why does it have to be always done and predominated by the way everyone does it, or thinks it should be don. J-lo is creatively intelligent enough to have thought of that idea.

    Why don’t they exploit Beyonce. She should really change her booty shake style in every music video, “now, that really needs to change. It is really monotonous that her sex appeal isn’t really there anymore !

  • J-lo is the Bomb !!!!! Haters !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BTW, if you don’t like it don’t watch it ! Simple as that !!!!!!!

  • Obviously not? Like, Blurred Lines is deeply degrading, the video and the lyrics both explicitly condone degrading sexual acts towards women: “I’ve got something big enough to tear your arse in two”. Like, why every time a female singer releases a video like this there is a big controversy? Marina and the Diamonds’ How to be a Heartbreaker was fucking banned from TV while Blurred Lines was played by MTV on loop. Like, give me a fucking break and come back to me when men suffer the same rates of sexual violence as women.

  • lol…yea song is horrible…in no way does it compare to blurred lines…J Lo needs to sit her OLD BEHIND…DOWN SOMEWHERE

  • I think JLO is 44 years old, and is acting like she is 25 in this song! I mean she is mother and does NOT act like it!! So the song is Not age appropriate! Although I think the song is cute for teens, and early twenties!