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Katy Perry Got Booed Off the Catwalk in Milan

katy perry

Oh, dear. Katy Perry didn’t have an easy time of things in Milan last week. She was there for Milan Fashion Week, and was walking the catwalk momentarily for her friend Jeremy Scott’s new collection. The problem is, she turned up 50 minutes late, holding up the show and really pissing off the fashionistas in attendance… to the point where they booed her off the stage.

If you can’t really hear what she’s saying on the video, here ya go: “You’re all gonna get your picture, so shut the fuck up!” LOL, okay rude. On the other hand, I really love that she’s rather unflappable and isn’t at all phased by people booing her. I suppose she’s used to it after X Factor UK… HA! I do hate people who are late all the time, but who knows, maybe it couldn’t be helped.

Anyway, all’s well that ends well – she then came back to the US and got to kiss Miley Cyrus, so I guess every cloud really does have a silver lining? Or something…

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  • IT BEGINS. Fantastic… Ya know, booing is the perfect put down. Not too insulting, yet gets one’s point across. And if you try arguing with said boos, like above, you just sound like a mouthy fool. So bring it back, I say. Bring back the boos!

  • I’ve read that she was late because she was told the wrong starting time. But then again that could just be the usual lies her pr-team spreads as nothing in this world is apparently ever her fault.

  • I just don’t find her very attractive. She’s a good singer and has fairly large ta-tas, but wouldn’t wanna wake up to her. Hey, you guys have posted her photos sans makeup. Don’t blame me.

    • Oh shut up, is that all you have to do with your life?! Search the web for one word wrong in an article and make sure to point it out, wow your special! Get a life