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Turns Out, Pharrell Is Not So Smart

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Pharrell is all the rage again these days, picking up awards left and right and really taking over mainstream pop. Between the success of his collaboration with Daft Punk and now ‘Happy’, which is a great fucking song and does indeed make one rather joyous, he’s riding high. Of course, we have to remember the start of this comeback, of sorts, which was his work with Robin Thicke on ‘Blurred Lines’, the worst song in history, and yet one of the catchiest.

We all know Robin Thicke is a scumbag. Every single one of his songs is about how great his dick is and how you DEFINITELY want a bit of it, even if you say you don’t. After all, you just need some convincing, so don’t bother resisting, because he’s going to give it to you even if you say no. Robin Thicke is a borderline vocal rapist and everyone knows it, but apparently that’s not how Pharrell sees it.

No, Pharrell thinks ‘Blurred Lines’ wasn’t about sex at all! In fact, he wouldn’t have liked all those naked women in the video if there was anything sexual about it. UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH?????????

Sorry, my brain just exploded.

From Time Out:

“There were lots of women who wanted to understand what we meant by those lyrics. But the two lines go: ‘You don’t need no papers/That man is not your maker’.

“Boom! Lyrically, you’re done: there’s nothing else to talk about. ‘That man is not your maker’. Plus that treatment was written and shot by a female director, who’s a feminist.”

“Is it sexist when you walk around in a museum and a lot of the statues have their boobs out? The women in that video weren’t doing anything sexual: they were only dancing.

“Just because they had their boobs out, that was ‘sexist’. I didn’t do anything sexually suggestive to any of those women, I wouldn’t allow it. I have respect and I know the message that I want to put out. I’m a fun guy’.”

Okay, I… don’t really know where to start with the sheer idiocy/ignorance here. First of all, saying TWO LINES in an entire song about how a man is not your maker does not give you a clean slate to do whatever the fuck else you wanna do for the rest of the track… especially when the rest of the track is you telling her that that OTHER guy might not tell her what to do, but YOU will because YOU know she “wants it”.

And yes, your idea of a “fun” time as a guy is to have naked women dancing around you. If this wasn’t sexual – which, in the great words of Judge Judith Scheinlin, don’t piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining – why would they need to be naked? What artistic purpose did it serve? That you fully clothed men are singing about convincing a woman how bad she wants you while they dance around you naked with pouty lips? Christ almighty.

Sorry, Pharrell, not buying your sack of shit today. He’s either arrogant as shit and thinks we’re all stupid or HE is actually that stupid. I can’t decide which would be worse.

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  • OMG i am so sick of hearing people talking about how blurred lines is rapey. I didn’t even realize there was a problem with the lyrics until a bunch of prudish feminists on the internet created one, then I listened to it again and I still didn’t understand wtf they were on about. The lyrics just sounds like every song by Pitbull or Rihanna and whoever else creates that type of generic, hyper-sexualized pop music kids these days are listening to. Bitches are only looking for excuses to be up in arms about this stupid song more so than other because of Emily Ratajowskis tits, if it was some fat bitch with saggy tits these bitter ass women would find it “empowering” but because they are perfect it’s “sexist”. Give me a break. It’s just bitter femenist bullshit.

  • I’m a woman and I honestly don’t think there is anything rapey about this song either. It’s a fun song with catchy beats and silly lyrics. Nothing rapey about it. I also thought Emily what’s her face is super hot and if she got it, then flaunt it. Doesn’t matter to me, I’m not the one showing my boobs.

  • Holy bloody crap, why do people have such sandy vaginas about this song? If the lyrics were “I know you said no but I’m going to fuck you anyways”, then SURE, I too would be offended. But for christ sakes, it’s a stupid song with stupid, playful lyrics that are CLEARLY NOT MEANT TO MEAN HE IS GOING TO HAVE SEX WITH HER WHETHER SHE SAYS YES OR NOT.

    Also, can we retire the word “rapey”? It’s either rape or it isn’t. There’s no sorta rape, guys.