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Philip Seymour Hoffman Had 50 Bags of Heroin In His Apartment

philip seymour hoffman

I hate to get into the grizzly details of celebrity deaths – especially with someone like Philip Seymour Hoffman, who had such incredible pain that he kept quite private – but news is news, so here we are. We know that PSH died of a heroin overdose, but more information on exactly what went down prior to his death has been revealed, and it’s rather upsetting. Turns out, he didn’t just decide to do a small amount of heroin and accidentally overdosed. Instead, he was said to have had more than 50 envelopes of heroin in his apartment – a binge of epic proportions.

From Sky News:

Police sources said around 50 envelopes – some empty, some unopened – were discovered inside Hoffman’s apartment and that tests showed they contained heroin. Officials are still working to establish whether the drug was mixed with any other substance.

Investigators also found multiple used and unused hypodermic needles and prescription drugs, including anti-anxiety and blood pressure medications, sources told Sky News New York correspondent Hannah Thomas-Peter.

Jesus Christ. Listen, we’ve all done a drug here or there at some point in our lives, but heroin is not something you “dabble” in. It’s not something you take even once. I’m not here to condemn PSH or call him stupid (Jared Padalecki did that and it was tacky as hell), but it’s just so, so sad. Heroin is a drug you resort to when you can’t handle the rest of life and so often, it ends up destroying the person who uses it. Really, really sad.

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  • Ur a really piece of work you run ur mouth everyday calling out all the asshole kid celebs for what they do and how stupid they are for acting like arrogant idiots. You say things like I can’t wait til this one or that one dies so you don’t have to write about what assholes they are. Then when a grown man WITH KIDS tells ppl he knows what he is doing is going to kill him and he doesn’t get help. You have all this compassion and this is so so sad. I agree with Jared Padalecki when he said .. this WAS senseless and stupid the only ones I feel for is his partner and their kids.