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Britney Spears’ Las Vegas Show Is the Best Selling Ever

britney spears

Welp, Britney Spears has gone and proved all of us wrong. Turns out her Las Vegas residency at Planet Hollywood is going REALLY well – far better than it’s going for any other singer who’s doing the same thing, and that’s including Celine Dion and Elton John! While most people predicted this whole thing was going to be a major disaster and tank bigtime, in fact the exact opposite is happening. Good for Britney!

According to StubHub, Britney’s show is the best selling at the moment and is out-performing every other show in Las Vegas when it comes to ticket sales. Piece of Me is also the third highest selling Vegas residency show EVER, just behind Celine and Elton. Considering Celine started in 2011 and Elton in 2009 and Britney’s show is only a couple of months old, that’s a MAJOR feat.

Sure, she’s not singing live, but hey, whatever! I think most people buying tickets pretty much know they’re in for a lip syncing extravaganza and they’ve accepted it, so kudos to Britney for making it work.

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  • It’s doing well because Britney is super famous and people just want to see her. It’s doing better than Elton and Celine right now because her music is considered “younger” than theirs and she has more modern hits, so young women livin’ it up in Vegas want to see famous, controversial Britney perform because it’s basically like a concert and what else is there to do there other than gamble? See shows, I guess.. and she’s young, fun, and far more “in” right now than the others.

  • How can you root against Britney when she’s got her shit together she is a sweet harmless beautiful woman and as you said people know what to expect and just want to see her having fun performing again. I hope she enjoys every minute of her time in Vegas.