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Ke$ha Is Coming Back Soon, Party Animals!


Ke$ha has been doing some time in a rehab facility for her eating disorder which was apparently all Dr. Luke’s fault – not that I mean to make light of the situation. In any case, after getting near deathly ill with the condition, she’s now getting herself together and plans to be back in the swing of making music really soon.

How do we know this? Well, first she had a friend tweet on her behalf and now she’s got access to Twitter from inside rehab, so at least her fans are kept up to date with what’s been happening:

ke$ha twitter

I’m sure her fans are super grateful that she’s keeping them apprised, but it’s been like, two weeks. Don’t you think she should be focused a bit more on rehab and slightly less on social networking? I mean, I hate to give Ke$ha a hard time because it’s clear she’s been through a lot, but I feel like Twitter should be the last of her focus right now.

In any case, I suppose it’s nice to hear that she’s doing so well and getting better every day.

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