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Newsflash: Beyoncé and Jay-Z Are Best Friends with the Obamas

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Just in case you forgot, Beyoncé and Jay-Z love Barack and Michelle Obama, and the First Family love them, too… so much so that Bey and Jay were invited – Blue Ivy in tow – to the White House to celebrate Michelle’s 50th birthday this past weekend.

The party wasn’t short on celebrities – John Legend was there (he and Bey apparently performed together), as were Mary J. Blige, Jennifer Hudson, Samuel L. Jackson and Smokey Robinson.

We all know by now that a party ain’t a party unless you take photos to post on Instagram/Tumblr/Twitter/Facebook/etc. so Beyoncé made sure to share some of the fun of the day: sitting with Bo, the Obamas’ dog, letting Blue doodle on the floor… laissez les bon temps rouler, as they say.

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  • I love the way Bo is one eye-ing Beyonce. Yes, it’s all quite sick and disgusting, isn’t it? I can’t stand Beyonce…..nor the Obamas.

  • Way da keep it classy Beyoncé nice platform stripper shoes to wear to the WH. Congrats you’re best friends and I don’t give a shit.

  • It allways bums me how she puts the pics of her daughter with the face invisible – dear, do not want to show your kid, don’t put photos of her at all. these pseudo artsy photos are ridiculous.

  • All these comments are right on the money. I’ve always given the Obamas the benefit of the doubt but hanging out with that satanic narcissistic couple is where I draw the line. Just like Kim is sucking up to beyonce trying too hard to be her friend beyonce looks like a high class hoe trying to hang with the presidential family. They are all lousy

  • White people are an amazing species. They never comment on the violence of Hockey but, chastise a football player for talking smack about his rival. They never protested Bush for ease dropping and tapping phones, traveling or implementing invasive laws but, protest Obama for keeping what Bush placed in to law. I now see racism as a mental illness like pedophilia that will lead many sick people to hell.