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People’s Choice Awards Fashion: The Best, Worst, And WTF

This week we had Hollywood’s least impressive awards show, the People’s Choice Awards, and no one really brought their A-game fashionwise. I get that you don’t want to wear your best dress to the PCA but some of these outfits…yikes.

Take a scroll through the looks and then tell me YOUR picks for BEST, WORST, AND WTF. Mine are at the end!


So here we have the 2 broke girls themselves: Kat Dennings (who is looking a lot like Lizzy Caplan) and Beth Behrs. I think this dress makes Ms. Dennings look Ms. Dowdy. She’s so much prettier than the dress. There’s just too much fabric. It would be so much cuter at tea length. Behrs’s gown doesn’t really do much for her either, it’s just kind of meh. But let’s note how beautiful Kat Dennings make-up is:


I think when it comes to makeup, she ALWAYS nails it.



Here’s Allison Williams, from Girls and the loins of Brian Williams. Totally thought this was a refreshed Amanda Peet at first. Anyone else? As for the dress…I don’t know, guys. It’s trying to be fashion-forward but I’m feeling a little bit of a Forever 21 vibe instead.



Anna Faris, what happened. This is awful and you look unhealthy. Is she okay? As for the outfit, it’s totally what Blance from Golden Girls would wear for a big, sexy night on the town. So if that’s what she was going for, she nailed it.



This is someone named Cassie Scerbo. Google tells me she is an actress, singer, and dancer. My eyes tell me she is bad at getting dressed. What in the ever-loving hell is this.



Cheryl Burke, from Dancing with the Stars. Guys, her body is SICK. But even though she looks amazing, she also looks kind of tacky. I think on anyone else I would be cooing over this dress. But on her? Not so much. I’m not sure why that is. I guess I just don’t feel sophisticated glamour oozing from Cheryl Burke.



Emily Deschanel. This looks like something she picked up at Anthropologie on the way to the show and thus didn’t have time to get it tailored. I don’t know what exactly it is, but it’s not doing anything for me. And it’s got nothing to do with her, she’s a beautiful woman. This dress is just so very…boring? I guess?



Here’s another dress that I think doesn’t do any justice to the babe wearing it, in this case, Heidi Klum. I think the top part of it is stellar, but the color and print are just so very unspecial. Imagine this in a bright fierce pink or something like that. Or a savory red. A lot of these dresses are just hanging in the “meh” zone for me.



Jennifer Hudson. I think this look is all wrong for her. I’m sorry guys, I really don’t mean to be a negative Nancy. I like the white on her, but the cut and draping is just not working.



Jessica Alba, also in white. A pretty popular color, it seems. What in the ever-loving hell is with the lace-up side seam? It makes me think of the ’90s. As always though, she looks incredible. This dress cuts a good silhouette on her.


Keltie Knight

This is someone named Keltie Knight. What in the ever-loving crop-topped polka-dotted hell is this?



Lucy Hale, in some kind of Venice beach sidewalk artist’s spray-art inspired dress.



Malin Akerman in NICE BOOBS, LADY! Surely that’s the point of this dress, right? Or is it the childlike scribbling below the T-Boob? What the hell is going on, you guys? Why are beautiful women wearing the ugliest things?



Melissa Joan Hart. I love to see me some MJH. Love the color and print on her. Not sure about the raised hem, or what’s also known as a “mullet dress.” Still want to read her book.



Norman Reedus, AKA Daryl from The Walking Dead. This is the best photo of his outfit that I could find. AND I LOVE IT. I love when guys change up the regular ole suit and tie. Call me crazy, I don’t care, but I love this look.


Queen Latifah

Queen Latifah. Love her hair and makeup. Don’t understand why she’s wearing a sack. Boatneck is not a good neckline for her. I wish she’d worn something more body-skimming. But she didn’t. And that’s just something we’re all going to have to live with.



This is a person named Quinn Shephard and I’m not going to bother to Google her pretentious ass, I’m just putting her here because she brought a copy of Lolita to The People’s Choice Awards — are you kidding me with this? And her shoes are ugly. Maybe she’s a lovely person, I don’t know, but this is a whole new level of desperation. But it worked, because here I am posting her photo and talking about her. Just, come on. Come on. Seriously? I mean, really? Really? Come on.



Sandra Bullock is way too famous for this show, but she came anyway. No wonder everyone loves her! I love the hemline on this. I know this dress is a little weird, but I like it, and I think she wears it well.



Sarah Michelle Gellar can do sooooo much better than this. I think the neckline is great on her but everything else is just so…guys, I don’t want to use the word “meh” again BUT I’M AT A LOSS.



And finally, let’s end this horrorshow with this bizarre ensemble from someone named Taylor Spreitler.

How do I choose only one “worst” and only one “WTF” look??? I’ll try.

BEST: Sandra Bullock
WORST: Cassie Scerbo
WTF: Keltie Knight

Your turn!

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  • What in the ever loving hell is up with you using that line three times in this article haha!

    Best: Jessica Alba/ Allison Williams
    Worst: Anna Faris
    WTF: Taylor Spreitler