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Chris Brown Rejected a Plea Deal in His Ongoing Assault Case

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Because of course he did. Chris Brown is a dickhead of the highest power, so why on earth would he admit that he’s done wrong and take a more lenient punishment offered to him by accepting a plea deal in his Washington DC assault case? That would just be too easy, too decent of him. The deal would have turned his misdemeanor assault charges into simple assault charges (which carry much less of a penalty), but Brown said no thanks.

Here’s TMZ‘s scoop:

The prosecutor revealed in court they had offered Brown a deal — reducing the charge to simple assault (he currently faces misdemeanor assault which carries a more severe penalty), but Brown’s lawyer, Mark Geragos — who was also in court — rejected it … and we think we know why.

Law enforcement sources tell us … they had combed the area looking for surveillance video capturing the run-in.  For a long, long time they said they had nothing.  Now they seem to be singing a different tune, but haven’t turned the video over to Geragos.

Geragos — who believes his client did nothing wrong — is eager to see the video before cutting any kind of deal.

Keep in mind that even if police don’t have video, that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen (it most certainly did – come on!), just that they can’t prove it so Chris thinks he can get away with it just like he got away with beating Rihanna to a bloody pulp (which in fact there WAS proof of, but that hardly mattered) and everything else in his life.

Don’t forget his probation has been revoked, so he really is playing with fire here since, if the police do turn over a video and he’s convicted, he should – IN THE EYES OF THE LAW – be going to jail. Will he go to jail? Probably not, because money talks and this country’s justice system is a fucking joke. But stay tuned on that front.

Ugh, I wish Chris and Justin Bieber would hold hands and drive off a cliff, Thelma and Louise style.

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  • Uh, Jennifer. This country’s justice system is NOT a joke. CALIFORNIA’S justice system is a joke. California’s left wing penal and fiscal systems do not put the appropriate weight behind penalizing and jailing criminals that virtually every other state manages to impose.

    • i thought the governator (r) was in charge 2003-2011 ,,how is that liberal? and maybe he is not guilty …..

      • Well, John, when the California Senate and House are completely controlled by Democrats, and California is acknowledged as one of the most disfunctionally run states, the term “liberal” applies.

        If you believe Chris Brown is innocent, you must think OJ didn’t kill his wife either.