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Miley Cyrus Is a Gay Rights Activist

miley cyrus

Miley Cyrus is a super evolved human who is on the next level of many things in life that us laymen just can’t understand. She’s a self-proclaimed “fucking mess”, but she’s also a massive superstar with a huge global platform to spread a good message – one that doesn’t involve masturbating on a table (not that masturbation is a BAD message, per se…) or grinding on little people dressed like babies.

No, this time around, Miley wants to express her support for gay rights by wearing a poorly-drawn shirt with a lesbian couple and their child. She captioned the photo “Jacobs by Marc by Marc Jacobs”, so I’m guessing that’s who designed it? Either way, I bet it was super expensive and as is the case with many expensive things, it’s ugly. That being said, the message is a good one, and while Miley may not be the #1 desirable candidate for a gay rights ally, she’s got a massive audience and for some reasons, what celebrities say DOES count, so I’m into it.

Then again, maybe she’s supporting gay rights since she’s ~*biseXual*~ these days? Who can say, but either way, good for Miley.

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  • Oh my, I thought she had a flaccid penis hanging on her face… And yes, that shirt is absolutely hideous. Just the shirt. Not the message.

  • way to get all your shots in at Miley on your way to finally giving her credit for her support of gay rights. Fn typical of you Jen

    • YAY you’re back! :)

      Also, a person doing ONE THING right does not negate all the shit they do WRONG. Just a little life tip.

      • EVERYONE and ANYONE with a public platform is “the right #1 desirable candidate” to support equal rights in all cases. Even you Jennifer ;) lol

  • Are you sure that’s two women on the shirt? Could be two cross dressing men with how badly its drawn. Heck. Could be two full sized gay women with a gay female little person (If you want to be politically correct or dwarf if not). Or it could be a mix of all three. Little people, cross dressers and gay women. Then again, she may just be supporting really bad artists and fashion designers.

    When it comes to Miley Cyrus these days you just CANNOT be sure!

  • she did this strictly to make people wonder if she’s gay. THAT is her motive. give her all the attention…

    • it always looks like that, im guessing she has really bad breath since having a white tongue means you have a lot of bacteria and bacteria causes bad breath, and it also means she probably doesnt brush her teeth for long periods of time.
      i hate her stupid look but the tongue always bugs me, its always so dirty, its disgusting