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Paul Rudd To Play Lamest Super Hero Ever


Paul Rudd is going to be in a superhero movie. He’s going to be a superhero. But not at the Ben Affleck/Batman level. No, this is on a much smaller level, pun intended.

Variety reports that Paul Rudd is going to be Ant-Man.

What in the ever-loving f-ck is “Ant-Man”? Who the f-ck is going to see “Ant-Man”?

Here’s what Variety says about the character:

In the comics, the character’s alter-ego is Henry Pym, a brilliant scientist who invented a substance that allowed him to change his size and communicate with insects. One scenario that was rumored when Wright first came on is that he would focus on the later years of Ant-Man and add the character Scott Lang, a crook who steals Pym’s technology and becomes the new Ant-Man. This may hint at the idea that both Rudd and Gordon Levitt could potentially become involved in the film, although the idea seems unlikely.

I’m sorry, but this sounds like the lamest superhero of all time. OF ALL TIME. Tom Hanks, I know you want to be a villain in a superhero movie, but I’d stay away from this one.

Although WTF do I know? Marvel fans, can you educate me on Ant-Man and why this is interesting?

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  • To be honest, in at least two Marvel continuities, Hank Pym is basically the Chris Brown of the Marvel Universe.

    By which I mean that, in the Ultimate continuity, he has a habit of beating the crap out of his significant other (Wasp).

    There are many versions and I’m reasonably certain that Paul Rudd won’t be playing that version, but it’s soured me on the character altogether.

    PS: I’m a huge nerd and I do not care for Ant-Man. Cassie Lang, though–she’s one of the Young Avengers and she’s awesome. Or, she was.

    If you want awesome Marvel heroes, you want, like, America Chavez or Emma Frost or Billy Kaplan. Or X-23. Ant-Man is another boring old straight white guy with a power that sounded really interesting back when my babyboomer mother was three years old.

    • If I regarded the versions of Marvel’s heroes in the Ultimate universe as the real deal, I wouldn’t like any of them. It’s just an alternate take on the characters; it allows Marvel the freedom to screw with the characters as much as they want and suffer no repercussions. It was Marvel’s way of drawing in young readers who couldn’t be bothered to learn the actual extensive, well-developed histories of characters. “Oh, we’ll just start over and make the most sensationalistic choices regarding character development and storyline! The kids will eat it up.” And they did. Back in the continuity that is the reason anyone knows who Marvel is, Henry Pym remains a good guy and Spider-Man has always been Peter Parker (Yeah, they’ve had a ball messing with that in the Ultimate continuity.). The Wikipedia entry for Henry Pym is pretty good if you’re really interested.

      • On second thought, maybe “good” is too simple a word, but he is definitely a hero and there is never a pattern of physical abuse…He’s a mentally troubled person who hit his wife one time in one issue many years ago (like before both of us were born). Make of that what you will, but he is no Chris Brown. I think he has shown himself to be more than the guy from that one issue all those years ago, and I think it was always Marvel’s intent in the regular continuity to make him a complex person and explore some serious issues through his development. I think, in contrast to Chris Brown, Henry Pym is a guy the readers have generally rooted for rather than against.

      • And with well-developed you mean full of contradictions and retcons?
        The ultimate take was good at the beginning and the first two arks of the Ultimates are among the best marvel stories ever. Yet I somehow hope they will really end the UU with the cataclysm-storyline.

        As for ant-man: The second avengers-movie will have ultron as antagonist, so a movie about his maker makes sense to me. Also he was a member of the avengers once. And it can’t be worse than Green Lantern or Ghost Rider.

        And Catherine: Lamest superhero of all time? You do know there was a superman-movie this year? And this title belongs to him (or Aquaman, of course).

        And I’m really amazed at the amount of comic-nerds posting here :)

  • I like Antman! He’s obviously not the most well-known marvel character but I think it would make a good superhero move and I know a few people excited about this as well. There are a few differen’t people who hold the title Ant-man. It depends on who has the suit, the original guy- inventor of suit Hank Pym, then Scott Lang who stole it from Pym (he’s a criminal turned good guy), and lastly Eric O’grady (who worked for sheild that agency you saw in the avengers). The suit allows the person to shrink. But the Director said Pym was going to be in the movie, So he is either going to be ant-man or the mentor to one of the other two. we will have to wait..

    I think the Pym is a “wife beater” crowd are a little.. overzealous. He hit his wife once on accident which wasn’t even in the script given to the original artist.

    He also isn’t the most mentally stable character and this occurred in the midst of a breakdown. So while what hitting someone is obviously wrong, I think labeling the character as a whole a Wife Beater is unfair when its really the Artist’s fault for grossly misinterpreting the character. As it reads it looked like an accident as he was throwing up his hands anyways. Also lets not forget Spider-man hit Mary Jane once in his comics too.

    Anyway back to the movie, With Edgar Wright Directing I’m hoping it will have a comedic feel as well so I think for now I’m excited about it.