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Tila Tequila Is a Nazi Sympathizer Now…

tila tequila

I don’t think Tila Tequila quite gets it. By “it”, of course, I mean anything in life, because now she’s apparently super into Nazis and thinks Hilter was totally misunderstood to the point where she’s calling herself Hitila. This is not a joke (unfortunately). She’s written entire blog entries on why she believes Hitler was so misunderstood and complaining that all the pictures ever taken of him were made to look scary and it’s so unfair. This entry, entitled “Why I Sympathize with Adolph Hitler Part 1: True Story Unveiled” (yes, seriously) contains many such photos and gems like this:

Here is a man who was not a coward, stood up for his country in a DESPERATE TIME OF NEED (unlike all of our cowardly leaders), and yet not only did he try his best to help his country and people get out of what was a time of depression, economic collapse, high unemployment, amongst many other things… he lost the war AND was painted out to be a monster after his death.  This is what breaks my heart.


She also posted a link to a Daily Mail article on her Facebook about the murder of James Marcus Howe, who apparently used to work on her show years back and was killed in his Los Angeles home in November. Her accompanying post to the link definitely preached a message of love and acceptance:

tila tequila facebook

Oh, and one more thing – Animal New York dug up some MORE insanity from Tila, in which she claims she was harassed by reptilian agents of the Illuminati. Because, uh… okay.

It was so strange because at that time I had no idea what was happening to me. All I knew was that it was all real. I looked up into the sky and a portal of light opened up! It was a circle and there were a bunch of Angels looking down on me, watching my battle. Then I flew up there to be with them and then it continues…. ’til this very day. Oh, except for the reptilians. After I slained 3 of them last year they have stopped bothering me. They DID however, ask me to join their team before the battle began. Of course I politely apologized before I turned down the deal and then BAM MOTHERFUCKER! The battle began!

What the fuck illegal shit is she huffing?

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  • someone should gas her. you know, back then they actually gassed people who were mentally challenged, so she should see how she’d like that


    Hitler was “painted” to look like a monster after his death? Ummm committing the act of genocide kind of does it to yourself, ya AIRHEAD. And if he read this statement from her he’d probably say “yea, thanks bitch, now off to Auschwitz with you, ya dirty, non aryan Pacific Islander whore!! Perform some dog semen experiments on her and starve her ass before ending her disgusting life in the gas chamber!” So she’s sympathizing with someone who would most likely be disgusted with her.. Reading her other posts, yea.. she’s def on drugs. Has to be. Shit ain’t normal..

    We (the master race) do NOT need the likes of her trying to align herself with us.. that’s for sure.. She should go back to her myspacin’ whoring around.. No one cares bitch.

  • Synagogue of Satan! Hahhahhaha omg too funny!

    God “see’s” YOU, you dirty fucking whore! Go spread your dirty brown vagina for every black man in LA you think will further your career, you disgusting hypocrite. Who are you to bring such hate onto Jewish people when you yourself are a dirty brown islander.. Please.. You are NOWHERE near the master race that Hitler tried to preserve. It might be one thing to admire how a man ran his country or how dedicated he was (albeit crazy) in securing the future of white men and women (i.e 1488), and it’s another to wear their national symbol and pose for fucking whorish pictures while rattling off some rhetoric as if YOU are any better or above Jewish people! I wonder if she reads some of Hitler’s beliefs and feels she falls right into his master plan of 1488 and thinks she belongs with us Aryans?? I hope she gets sad and thinks of her family and romantic relationships when he mentions how disgusting the mixed races are and how they were ruining Europe and needed to be wiped off the face of the Earth.. I hope she realizes he was talking about people like HER. Someone needs to tell her she is NOT an Aryan and to read “Mien Kampf” SOBER and then we wil see how up the Nazi’s asses she will be then..

  • Tila isn’t right. She’s the leader of all of the schizos, bi-polars and other mental health patients whose primary activity is perusing and posting on conspiracy websites. I think the guv uses them to discredit anything besides their official story.

    Augh!!!!! They’re frying my brain for telling the truth!!!! The laser is cutting through my cerebrum as I type!!!! It’s just proof of the truth…..

    ROFL…PMP (peeing my pants) :D

    • PS: I’m actually a conspiracy theorist and have been for my entire life. I’m just making fun of her because she is what discredits them – that and the forums they populate while not having lives – and getting by on mental health disability.

  • I read her Facebook posts and wow …. either she is a satiric comedy genius using social media to her own ends, or she is very quickly heading to a severe mental health crisis.

    Knowing what a complete moron she is though, I’m thinking the latter is more likely. She seems to be quite delusional – she is a god from another planet? The reincarnation of Hitler? Here to save the world?

    I give her less than 6 months till she’s booked on a 5150.

  • white is NOT the master race!!!!!! We ALL are equal no race is better then the other! People are so ignorant it makes me sick!!!!!!!