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Lamar Odom Got Three Years Probation in DUI Case

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Lamar Odom‘s raging crack addiction and tendency to drive under the influence will live to see another day, as instead of being forced back to rehab or even sent to jail for any length of time has been passed up in favour of three years of “probation”, which basically means fuck all. It means you got away with it and if you fuck up again, you MAY go to jail but most likely not, you’ll just be given another warning and told that your probation could get taken away one day if you’re not careful. But don’t be careful! Throw caution to the wind and live life! Chances are, you’ll never see the inside of a jail cell – at least not for longer than a few hours.

From TMZ:

We broke the story … Odom was arrested in L.A. on August 30 at 3:25 AM after cops saw him driving too slow on the 101 Freeway. He flunked field sobriety tests and refused to submit to a blood alcohol test.  He was ultimately charged with one count of DUI.

But today, Lamar struck a deal with prosecutors … and in addition to 3 years of probation, he’s required to complete an alcohol education class by June 9.

He’s also been ordered to pay $1,814 in fines and fees.

Odom’s driver’s license was automatically suspended for one year for refusing to submit to the BAC test — and that punishment will stand.

Oh yes, an “alcohol education class”. I’m sure that’ll go a long way in keeping this from happening repeatedly and will certainly teach a grown man that you don’t take any sort of mind-altering substance before getting behind the wheel of a car. Give me a break.

I’m not saying Lamar deserves to be in jail long term or anything – I think we have much bigger criminal issues and people who should be locked up – but way to show him that there are no consequences behind his actions. I mean, come on – he didn’t even have to fucking show up in court to answer these charges? Is this a joke?

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  • probation only MAYBE means you will go to jail if you are a rich celebrity. if you are a regular person, you almost always will.

  • Well Bec, in all honesty, you may be right. But we must remember that the only reason rich celebrity’s get off, is usually because they hire the most experienced attorneys. A court case is all about understanding the ins and outs of the crime.

    Any person will struggle in court, if they don’t have proper representation!