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Lady GaGa’s World Is Ruled by David Bowie, Even Though They’ve Never Met

lady gaga alan carr

Lady GaGa turned up on Alan Carr’s Chatty Man (airing tonight on Channel 4 in the UK) to talk about a variety of bullshit, including how obsessed she is with David Bowie even though she’s yet to meet the man.

“I have not met him yet, it’s okay – you know I’m such a big fan, that it’s kind of this weird amazing thing that I haven’t met him yet.

“He’s sort of like an alien prince. He still runs my universe as well, like, every morning I wake up and I think, ‘What would Bowie do?’

“But I guess for him it was a sense of perfection. These things he created, it was self expression for him but also a sense of protection for who he personally is as David. And for me, this is a sense of protection, I’m not really protecting myself actually because myself is who you see every day, and my inability to rest in one soul is just who I am.

“I’ve just always kind of thought life’s too short to wear one hat, and I don’t know if it makes me crazy or not, but it’s just the way the f**king cookie crumbles in my house.”

I don’t really get what any of that means or how in the world she thinks she’s in the same league as Bowie (who I think would find her absolutely laughable) but whatever. Bowie is an “alien prince” who created perfection to protect himself but she doesn’t protect herself in the same way because she’s who she is or something? I DON’T UNDERSTAND. I don’t know why I even bother to try.

PS What in mermaid hell is that wig? Homegirl is a millionaire with a wig she found in the discount bin at Walgreens.

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