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‘Game of Thrones’ King Joffrey Might Quit Acting

jack gleeson

I can’t even stand the sight of Jack Gleeson, who plays King Joffrey on Game of Thrones. I’m sure he’s a super sweet kid, but he’s such a bastard on the show (which I don’t even really watch, I might add) that I just wanna punch him every time I see him. That’s terrible, I know. On the bright side, here’s something that’s not terrible: Jack might quit acting after the show’s over to keep moving on an academic path. He’s currently studying philosophy and theology at Trinity College Dublin, but there’s far more to do in that arena, I guess.

From The Saturday Night Show:

“I have wanted to become an actor and it’s just the last few years I’ve started to change my mind about it, so I’m liable to change it again.

“It’s hard to explain, once the prospect of becoming an actor professionally, and essentially my dreams became a reality, well it nearly professionalises it too much. It was a recreation beforehand and when I started doing Game of Thrones there was, I wouldn’t say pressure, but perhaps the reality became too real for me.”

Fair enough. Hollywood needs less famewhores, so all respect to Jack for identifying his true passion and going for that. I imagine it takes a lot to walk away from fame and all the money it can bring. Not that this kid is George Clooney or anything, but even the slightest taste can pull these kids in. Also, he’s not actually a kid – he’s apparently 21. How is that even possible?!

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