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Oh God The Cringe: Kim In Kanye’s New Video


Kanye West has a new video out for his song “Bound2” and it features him and Kim Kardashian on a motorcycle. And she’s topless. And I can’t even. “Wrecking Ball” was somehow less awkward than this.

Guys, the scene where they’re making out while he’s driving the motorcycle is so awkward, I couldn’t finish it. “One good girl is worth a thousand bitches” he raps after cutting to the topless Kim bouncing on Kanye’s lap. The cringe is wonderfully overwhelming. Skip to 2 minutes.

What do you think of the video? Right now on YouTube, the thumbs downs overtake the thumbs ups. Hmmm, wonder why…


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  • What is this…. I don’t even…. what the… o.O
    This made me very uncomfortable as I felt embarrassed for them!

  • I wish Kanye would dress like a man and pull his pants up. I wish Kim would put clothes on and keep them on. Why would anyone want the name Whoredashian for the rest of your life is beyond me! I find it hard to believe that African American women are not shouting from the roof tops for the Whoredashian women to leave their men alone. Well, now that I think about it a little more these men aren’t worth wanting.

  • i watched it in the middle of the night and when i woke up i thought i dreamt it. but no. it’s real. oh, so real. wtf.

  • That was sooooooooooooooo aweful, Uhuh HONEY….. Think I might be a tad nauseated. Make that TOTALLY NAUSEATED.

  • This was awful. how could an agent let this be put out. Didn’t like the song at all. The woman saying “uh huh hunny” wtf was that? The video quality was horrid, with such a “big star” you would think it could be better. Also through the video you have Kim holding onto and hugging onto him and him doing very little to reciprocate her “affection”. It felt to me like someone holding onto her meal ticket for dear life. I would be ashamed of this. By his own lyrics he wants to bring other women into the bedroom, don’t see this lasting long.

  • Bruce Jenner must be beside himself….I find it amazing that her mother, Kris Jenner, or is it now Kris Kardashian….isn’t outraged by this. What a joke. An embaressment to her deceased biological father.

  • Horrible video! I MADE myself watch it after reading the bad comments about it on another site lol. These 2 idiots love and crave attention so much its absolutely ridiculous! Kanye is far from a freakin’ genius to me. Why the hell is he considered one to a lot of people??? Hes ugly inside and out, and a complete freakin’ jerk. Kim needs to be paralyzed so that her hog ass will have to sit on the very asset that she makes a living off of. God I wish theyd just fall off the face of this earth! Nasty, desperate attention seeking video!