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Shia LaBeouf Took the Wrong Drug to Prepare for ‘Charlie Countryman’

shia labeouf charlie countryman

Is there a bigger toolbox in the world than Shia LaBeouf? I know that’s a difficult question to answer when people like Justin Bieber and Chris Brown exist, but I feel like they’re in a different league. Shia is just… corny, and a total dickhead who doesn’t realise he’s a dickhead, he thinks he’s being “artsy”. That’s why, in preparation for his role in Charlie Countryman, he decided to drop acid to really get into his character’s head. One problem with that: the character never took acid, he took ecstasy, and according to the film’s director Fredrik Bond, he didn’t need to take anything at all.

From Vulture:

“In the script, it’s Carpathian ecstasy, a special hostel ecstasy that exists in maybe just Bucharest … So, Shia said he took acid? I didn’t know he went out and said that. But it was always ecstasy in the script.” Did Bond know Shia was going to take Method acting this far? “No, he informed me that he was going to go out on a limb and push the envelope,” Bond said. “He said he wants to make this like they did in the seventies; he was like, ‘I want it to be like there’s a gun against my head.'” Must have been the acid talking.

I’m rolling my eyes so hard. The whole thing is so contrived and try-hard… and Shia isn’t even a GOOD actor. What an absolute idiot.

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