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YOU Could Be In The New Star Wars! (Provided You’re 17-23)

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It’s a Cinderella story: the new Star Wars film, now with a release date, is doing open casting. Provided you’re 17-23 years-old, and in the UK, you could land a role! Here’s the casting notice, via Variety:

The notice calls for a “beautiful, smart and athletic” young woman to play Rachel, a 17-18 year old, and a “handsome, smart and athletic” man to play Thomas, 19-23 years old.

Video submissions can be entered through the casting website. In addition to the U.K. open auditions, auditions are being held in cities including Chicago, Austin, Nashville and Troy, Mich.

So what are we thinking? Are these notices for Luke and Leia? Luke and Han? Are they trying to find new-comers?


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  • Def looking for new comers. Han Solo is comming back as an obi-wan type to guide the new people so if he is old it would only make sense luke and leia would be. It is also set to take place after the original three. they are not replacing any old characters.