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Kate Middleton Has Gray Hair! Hooray!


Kate Middleton didn’t bother to touch up her roots when she went out for London’s “poppy day.” Rejoice! Hooray! Gray hair for everyone! Soon she’ll probably start using shampoos for menopausal hair! Daily News made sure to even zoom in on the gorgeous grays:


Love that on a day about remembrance for those who died in WWI, Daily News is focused on her hair. But, I get it. She’s a big deal. She knew she would be photographed and she purposefully decided to pull a Katie Holmes and leave the gray. I really like her for doing that (and of course, for her McDonald’s trip). Wonder if Aniston still envies her hair now.

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  • I think there could be a few gray hairs there, but it also looks a little like the residue left behind when you use a dry shampoo

  • I highly doubt she uses dry shampoo ! She probably is pumping or breast feeding so she can’t get her hair colored !