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Miley Cyrus’ Halloween Costume Is 15 Years Too Late

miley cyrus halloween

Let’s just all get this out once and for all and confront the elephant in the room: Miley Cyrus thinks she’s black. That’s not an unfair assumption, that’s not conjecture, that’s just the facts. She thinks she’s “urban” and has claimed that she’s actually Lil Kim inside or some bullshit and even though SHE IS IN NO WAY BLACK, URBAN OR ANYTHING BESIDES A BORN-RICH WHITE GIRL WITH NO REAL KNOWLEDGE OF THE BLACK EXPERIENCE, she’s decided what the hey, why don’t I just dress up like my newfound hero for Halloween?

That’s right, Miley decided to take on Lil Kim’s outfit from the 1999 MTV VMAs. Only 15 years too late, but whatever. In case you forgot the original, here ya go:

lil kim

I’d like to give Miley props on one important front: not using blackface. It’s good to see that she has enough black friends/employees that they kept her ass on the straight and narrow when it comes to the offensive level. This costume may be outdated, a bit try-hard and super annoying, but it’s not hurting anyone (except my retinas). She really, REALLY wants to be black, you guys. Just in the cool ways, though! So long as she can keep living her life of white privilege while impersonating black culture in her spare time, it’s all good!

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