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Adam Levine’s Victoria’s Secret Model Fiancée Changed His Mind on Marriage


Adam Levine and Victoria’s Secret model Behati Prinsloo were together for a while before breaking up, during which time Adam started banging another Victoria’s Secret model, Nina Agdal. Then he dropped her like a hot potato and went back to Behati and the next thing you know, they were engaged. How did this all come about, you ask? Well, it’s easy: Behati really changed Adam’s mind on marriage. He used to be totally against the idea, but I guess that’s all been sorted out.

From The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (via DS):

“I remember talking to you one time, you telling me you were never going to get married, and now you’re engaged,” Leno joked, adding: “Tell me what happened here.”

Levine replied: “Famous last words: ‘I’ll never get married’. You know, I still don’t think you have to get married, unless you meet someone that makes you want to marry them. And then you marry them and it’s wonderful.”

Apparently they’ve yet to decide on a wedding date or a ceremony or any of that, so we’re waiting on it.

Everyone can start putting in their wagers now for how long this fuckery is going to last. I don’t think they’ll end up getting married at all (they’ll break up before then), but if they do, I give it less than a year, 18 months max.

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