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Oh Lady GaGa, You’re So Avant Garde (And Obnoxious)

lady gaga berlin 3

Guys, Lady GaGa is just so avant garde and artistic and anyone who doesn’t get that clearly doesn’t understand art. That must be the case, because the above photo is how Stefani turned up a nightclub in Berlin for the launch of ARTPOP, which actually isn’t even out until next month. She paired it with some lingerie and a fur jacket, as you do.

Then again, this “outfit” (if you can even call it that) doesn’t hold a candle to what she left her hotel in earlier in the day. GaGa had some sort of… hair headdress made that is so hideous and so absolutely terrifying/confusing that I seriously don’t even know what to say about it. Seriously, feast your eyes on this:

lady gaga headdress 2

Uh… yeah, okay, sure. Seriously, this woman is all gimmick now with zero substance behind it. It’s not exciting, it’s not meaningful, it’s not even creative like Madonna was. I want her to go far, far away where we never have to hear from her again.

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