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Beyoncé and Blue Ivy Have An Awesome Life

beyonce blue ivy 2

It seems like little Blue Ivy is growing up before our eyes, and I suppose that only makes sense since that’s what children do – grow and all. While Bey seemed initially hesitant to share photos of her little one, that’s certainly changed and we know that Blue looks EXACTLY like her father. No doubts of paternity there! Sure, they might try to cleverly make her hide behind objects so that her whole face isn’t shown, but that’s just Beyoncé’s super ~artsy~, Tumblr-friendly photography at play.

I’m not sure where they are in these photos, but doesn’t it look like a wonderfully luxurious and leisure-filled life? God, must be nice. Also, it’s after Labor Day, so get rid of the white hammock (lolz I kid).

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