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Blue Ivy Carter Is A Queen Already

blue ivy carter

Little Blue Ivy Carter is getting so big already! It’s hard to believe she’s nearly a year old (I think – too lazy to Google), but she’s growing up fast and looking more and more like her daddy, Jay-Z, every day. Of course, Beyoncé is a proud mama and has been sharing a few new pics of the little one online this past week.

Hilariously, she’s already in full royal regalia. I know that’s sorta the theme of Bey’s new tour, but this kid is going to grow up with a serious case of Special Snowflake Syndrome, if they’re not careful. And we all know what happens to kids who are told they’re amazing for merely existing: they become Justin Bieber. Nooooo!

blue ivy carter

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  • i will say this though…that picture is freaking AWESOME!! The chubby little arm pointing at her mother…Beyonce’s smile is so genuine and loving…i don’t know, i just think that’s a really cool picture.

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