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Rihanna Is a Muslim Now, Right?

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Rihanna is still in the midst of her Diamonds world tour, and her latest jaunt has taken her to Abu Dhabi. In case you don’t know much about Abu Dhabi, it’s the capital and second largest city in the United Arab Emirates and has a very largely Muslim population (and a lot of non-Muslim expats). Rihanna, completely oblivious to the concept of cultural appropriation (see: here), decided it’d be a great idea to take off her thong and nipple covers and put on a hijab to have a fashion shoot at the Shaikh Zayed Mosque this weekend, which…. WHY? Yes, it’s required for female visitors to the Mosque – which offers daily tours to visitors – to cover their heads. It’s respectful to locals to abide by their customs, but to stage a fashion shoot like you’re the new face of Islamic culture? SMH SMH SMH.

It’s not at all surprising that Rihanna sees no problem in turning something with such cultural and religious significance to those who ACTUALLY OBSERVE IT into a lighthearted ~fashion~ thing (she literally captioned one of her photos with “Fashion killaz in Abu Dhabi”), but it’s mindblowing that no one in her entourage thought, you know, maybe this isn’t so respectful? Perhaps the cloud of weed smoke also clouded their judgment.

Y’all know I love me some RiRi, but I cannot abide this fuckery.

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  • i don’t find it offensive at all and i’m a muslim , i think it’s a good thing for hijab to enter fashion and be glamorized in pop culture for once

    • Okay you don’t find it offensive but that doesn’t mean it’s not offensive, you feel me? Also, women with hijab are still being vilified and discriminated against, so it’s unfair that Rihanna can just wear it as a fashion statement when Muslim world around the world are getting brutalised for daring wear one.

      • She’s doing it in a Muslim country though, where she is required to do so if she wishes to visit the mosque. If she was wearing it in a Western country maybe your point would actually be valid.

      • “Okay you don’t find it offensive but that doesn’t mean it’s not offensive, you feel me?”

        It means it’s not offensive if you’re trying to be offended on someone else’s behalf and they’re telling you it’s cool, you lunatic. Nobody finds socks offensive. Just because nobody finds socks offensive doesn’t mean they’re not offensive!

      • Look at the white girl know-it-all telling people of other cultures how they should feel about stuff she doesn’t like.

      • Okay muslim nations do not vilify or discriminate against a female wearing the attire but the western world does approve of such clothing. If you look online for example you will see so many on youtube, news etc where the females are being physically and verbally attacked. Look at France for an example. A female that wears the clothing for religion or cultural reason can not as its illegal. What does that say about the western world compared to the east. Get your facts straight as its not offensive but it seems offensive to you for the exact reasons you have stated (you are discriminating). At least Rihanna has the brains to just do it even if its not her belief.

  • I think she has to cover up head to toe though? If she didn’t there’d be an equally condescending post about how she was being culturally insensitive?

    I’m not a Muslim but whenever I visit Islamic religious monuments I cover up as a sign of respect. I’m not sure about the fashion shoot aspect of it, but I don’t think her covering up is the problem here. Surely it’s a good thing that she can look so powerful, stylish and modest.

    People are constantly pointing to modesty in female dress as a symbol of the oppression of women in Islam. She looks great and I think her little shoot is proving that it is possible to cover up, to wear clothes that aren’t tight and still exude beauty and power.

  • 1- I am a muslim.
    2-Im not really a fan of rihanna because she naked a lot. Now i kind of like her a bit.
    3-She looks so very beautiful in hijab just like angelina jollie in hijab looks amazingly beautiful.
    4-ANY non muslim woman that cover up can come in the mosque and snap picture (or have a fashion shoot)

    • Because the hijab is a custome and not a cultural clothing item? Now THATS offensive.

      And what rihanna did is not offensive at all. Shes embracing the culture not mocking it. Thats the problem with the whole cultural appropriation brigade, they cant tell the difference between celebrating a culture and mocking it.

  • I think there are a lot of people on the internet that need to clarify the difference between “appropriation” and “glamorization” a lot better.

    Hijab is a beautiful piece of clothing worn by a huge chunk of the planet. Clothing. Getting offended at someone for wearing a scarf is a little much.

  • I’m muslim and NOT offended. what I AM offended by, however, is people like you getting offended about shit on my behalf.

  • Have you visited many foreign countries?

    In my experience (lived in Germany for 2 years, Turkey for 3 and currently living in Burma) people are very excited to share their culture with you and I’ve been strongly encouraged to take part in many local and religious tradition.

    People are proud of their heritage and traditions and enjoy sharing them. Surely this photo shoot is positive publicity for the UAE and other arab countries?