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Paris Hilton + S&M + Terry Richardson = Disaster

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Oh look, it’s a Terry Richardson photo shoot in which the subjects aren’t naked! It’s a Christmas miracle! And a blessing for your eyes, since this time around, the subject is Paris Hilton (and not like we haven’t seen her bits already, anyway). Her sister, Nicki Hilton, also pops up in a few of the photos, which is kinda funny because I forgot she existed, probably because she’s far less obnoxious than her sister and less of a fame whore.

I’m not sure what the occasion was, but I do know I could have gone the rest of my days without seeing Paris Hilton in soft S&M gear. Of course, she’s got a single to try and promote (TO WHOM?) so I suppose it’s only natural that she’d go see Uncle Terry to drum up some more attention.

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  • Ew just looking at Richardson makes me want to shower with bleach. He looks so icky, like the biggest creep in the neighbourhood. Also, I don’t “get” his work? Like, harsh lighting and now, have, wear my glasses and you’re me, haha, pay me??? Why is he famous?????

    • right?! agreed with aaaall of that – he is trash. most likely did blow off both their twats between takes. class up the ass.

      • Amateur… The first rule of doing “body-lines” is to lay the lines out on a dry surface….. Between the cans man! Mireee , are you seriously in China now?