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Shia LaBeouf Got His Ass Kicked in London

shia labeouf

Shia LaBeouf has always been a bit of a douchebag and frankly, I think a punch in the face is the least of what he needs. In any case, apparently he got two of them while out in London recently. He was walking around Leicester Square one night when he noticed two drunk women walking around. One of the women was sick, and Shia thought it’d be a totally awesome idea to start filming them both on his phone. He was asked to stop, he refused to do… and so a stranger punched him twice in the face.

The Sun claims that a bouncer from a nearby club split up the scuffle, and Shia and whatever friend he was with ran away like little bitches. Because of course they did.

Listen, there are so many things wrong here. I don’t condone violence, but what grown man thinks it’s a great idea to film two women against their will – drunk or not – on his phone while out at night? That’s not at all creepy or fucking weird or anything. Then, you’re asked to stop, and YOU REFUSE? I want to meet the stranger who socked him in the face so that I can shake his hand and thank him for his contribution to society.

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  • I don’t agree. When you get so shitfaced in public that you’re puking your brains out, you deserve some ridicule. Of course, seeing people puking their brains out in the evening is par for the course outside of many of London’s bars. The English seem to have a problem with knowing when to stop drinking.

  • Gotta love British diplomacy ;) And meh, he does come across as a bit of a dick. Maybe the women did choose to sacrifice their own dignity by behaving like that but if someone calls you out on filming, you know you should recognise that it’s not a nice thing to do.